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Jobs in Public Sector

Just after the recession in 2008 November, the globe has probably faced the fastest job cuts in the Public Sector job market. This was surely not a good sign for the economy and employment! Surveys report a loss of atleast 62,000 jobs in the global market till the end of 2010.

As regards the last decade public sector has played a major role in creating job opportunities. Growth of jobs in public sector has contributed to the individual capabilities and motivation to work. Both horizontal as well as vertical.

Job Growth in the Public Sector

Very recently some of the biggest financial authorities have questioned their respective governments if the current situation of the public sector is stable now and advised to put a stop on the jobs cuts for the same. This should be done in order to stimulate the job growth in the public sector. The first quarter of the financial year 2011-12 shows that the job losses in the private sector is five times more than it had been last year. It is estimated that the job losses can amount to around 62,000 by the year 2015-16 as compared to the current scenario.

Several economic advisors are saying that the main sufferer is the labour market in the current economic condition. If the employers are following a very wrong conception of economic growth that cost cutting through unemployment would raise the global market condition. Rather this is harming the economy by creating a deficit in the government funds.

As regards the jobs in public sector in India, occupies a fundamental position the global economy. There are atleast 130 government undertaking companies in India and they surely stand as big industrial firms with around Rs. 30, 000 crores of investment in the market. Railways, Heavy Electricals, Steel and the Oil Industries play the major role in public sector recruitments.

One of the biggest advantages of the jobs in public sector is that most of the governments are capable of identifying the right brains with a proper status which can match with the government jobs. This not only applies to India but also other foreign governments. Fundamentally speaking a private company dies down with a great loss. Somehow for a government or a government undertaking company can afford big losses in a unidirectional way and it can gain profit through another one. Eventhough public sector jobs are considered to be not as glamorous as private ones, but nobody can compete in terms of pay scale and facilities as well as the job security. As far as the pay scale is concerned every designation has a proper grade pay and facilities like provident fund, gratuity, paid or casual leaves, mediclaims and many more are provided.

Top Public Sector Walk-ins

The top public sector walk-ins mainly encircles fields like Oil Industries, Steel Plants, Power Industries, Aviation, Tools and Machinery, Copper and Aluminium, Nationalised Banks, Railways, Security Services, Army (respective countries), Coal Industries, Education and other Ministerial posts in the political field. The lists of public sector jobs are mainly brought in through these big industries.

Recent surveys in the month of October 2011, projects on a moderate momentum of the public sector growth. Job losses and unemployment rate has decreases. This sector is now focussing on several factors like methodical utilization of the manpower, improvisation of the inventories, a proper material management and a calculative investment.