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Singapore is also called “Global City with a World of Opportunities” and it well lives up to the spirit of the name as it makes a destination where thousands arrive and settle for reasons of work. The country having a vibrant economy draws people from all parts of Asia and other continents and offers an extremely conducive work culture in various sectors of its economy. Hence, jobs in Singapore are easy to find if one has the requisite degree, skills, talents and experience to contribute in both established and emerging sectors.

Top Job Sector in Singapore

The banking and finance industry of Singapore is quite large and well developed. It provides over than 114,000 jobs in as many as 500 financial institutions, accounting for more than 11% of Singapore’s GDP.

Singapore constitutes world’s fourth largest foreign exchange trading centre and it ranks as the world’s leading financial centre. Its success is largely attributed to its large reservoir of talent pool - a good mix of local and international financial experts. Singapore’s banking and financial sector is based on strong foundations and as it surges further high growth in the future to be “Financial Centre of the Future”, it would need to increase its employment of experienced executives.

There are jobs available in the field of Biomedical Sciences, which is constituted by pharmaceuticals, medical technology, biotechnology and related healthcare services. They were developed in 2000 and now have become an integral and robust part of Singapore’s economy. Job experts predict that this sector would have 15,000+ new Singapore jobs by 2015, recruiting a skilled talent pool of chemists, production engineers, quality assurance engineers, quality controllers and quality control engineers etc.

When on venture to find jobs in Singapore, one could well consider the jobs in IT Sector. With the convergence of information technology and telephony in 1999, the Information Technology (IT) has witnessed a phenomenal growth sending out its ripples into all aspects of lives and businesses. IT sector in Singapore is in much need of specialists in almost every forward-looking industry.

Singapore Chemical Industry Council (SCIC) has found many investors from several industry associations since 2006 that are creating many jobs and the trend would well continue in the future too. Jobs in Singapore for freshers are widely available in this rapidly and extensively growing sector.

The Chemical Industry is a vibrant player in the country’s economy. It has made several achievements at the international level which includes being one of the top oil refining centers in the world. It also ranks as the one of the top three oil trading and price discovery centers in the world etc.

Jobs in Singapore for Foreigners

All sectors of the economy in Singapore have jobs for foreigners. The finance and banking sector in particular have many international firms, employing talented professionals from many parts of the world. The society of Singapore is cosmopolitan in nature having a healthy mix of people from various nationalities. Singapore houses the best global talents, the non-Singaporeans accounting for 30.9% of the country’s total job pool today. They are benefited from Singapore’s friendly employment policies, excellent working environment and ever growing employment opportunities, amongst many others.