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The British Government is taking all kinds of measures to battle its ongoing economic crisis. Unemployment is predicted to enlarge, but some jobs will stay better, according to Hays, the UK's biggest recruitment company.

It means job hunting is certainly not going to be a cake walk like yesteryears. The picture appears a little depressing as the number of people out of work in Britain has hit its highest point in 17 years. The youth unemployment has suffered like never before.

U.K. unemployment rate as calculated from April 2011 onwards was 7.7 per cent of the economically active population, down 0.3 on the quarter. The records on unemployment further show that total number of unemployed people sunk to 88,000 over the quarter to reach 2.43 million. This had been the largest quarterly fall in unemployment since the three months to August 2000.

The Office for National Statistics has also recently stated that 2.57 million people were out of work over the June to August period, the highest since the autumn of 1994. Amongst the youngsters, there are almost 1 million unemployed young people, while the number of people claiming jobseeker's allowance has also risen dramatically.

Top Vacancies in UK

There are some sectors of jobs in UK which are dishing out jobs, despite the high unemployment rates and the job hunters in some areas could even end up with career prospects.

Health and social care has a "continued high demand and pressure on social services and healthcare," recruitment company Hays says. According to Labour Market Report the workers in the sector such as doctors, healthcare workers and social workers all have good job security because of. The sector has grown well in the recent months with regards to online jobs in UK.

In the field of Education, there has been a "severe" shortage of math, science and head teachers. Those on the venture to find jobs in UK and are fond of career in teaching would find the sector a secure employer. Construction companies working on Building Schools for the Future programme are experiencing a climb-up in their activities. Amongst the various Jobs in UK for freshers, the teaching field indeed offers some green pastures.

The Social housing is on the lookout for skilled workers for their openings in accountants, builders, housing officers sections. The Government too seems to be doing its bit for the improvements in the social housing sector.

Some jobs have disappeared in the internal audits sector, though auditors continue to be in demand as companies keep a close eye on how money is spent. The sector would boast of being on the "top the list of desirables", say the experts, when companies start hiring again.

In the Insurance the demand remains in flow for senior staff, besides for employees at all levels in underwriting, claims and business development.

The Credit control sector, too, are looking for good candidates companies increasingly center their acts together to work on late payments and non-payment of bills, to maintain strong cash flow.

The Purchasing sector has openings in the private and public sector, especially in the recession which forces companies improve their supply chain to protect margins.