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Job Jobs By Categories Legal Jobs in India

Legal Jobs in India

Careers in Law are to prosper always in the world of interpersonal, commercial, Governmental, organizational, and International dealings of almost all types, irrespective of the sector. These are legal rules, regulations, and sound resolutions which regulate all these matters and dealing intelligently, wisely, properly, and perfectly. These are the reasons for being the Law Sector, one of the elevated and prestigious professional fields everywhere in the world, since time immemorial. One of the most populous and major economies of the world, India has a well-developed sector for legal services in all academic, professional, commercial, and governmental fields. Consequently, quite extensive is the range of legal jobs in india, at a variety of hierarchy positions. These legal jobs in india have been constantly growing and refining with development of economy and necessary sophistications in all sectors, especially in the business and commercial sector of India. The legal jobs in india have been growing fast with a high growth rate. Our main and overt aim is to offer compressive information about all legal jobs in india to the job seekers of India and abroad, so that they could very comfortably find legal jobs in india as per their specific choices.

The legal jobs in india are copiously available both in the Governmental and Private sectors, under the categories of Government Lawyers, Civil Lawyers, Criminal Lawyers, Trail Lawyers, Corporate Lawyers, Private Equity Lawyers, Finance Advisors, Insurance Lawyers, Patent Lawyers, Cyber Lawyers, and Expert Legal Advisors for Legal Due Diligence in diverse sectors. Moreover, qualifications, knowledge, and work practice in the law field are highly creative, productive, and profitable in personal business, politics, and a variety of legal jobs in the private firms and organizations.

Best Law Jobs in India

In addition to the Governmental services and in Defense, the best and top law jobs india, are obtainable in the Private sector. The main and major employers in the private sector are Corporate Legal Departments, Business and Commerce Companies and Enterprises, Finance and Financial Institutions, Real Estate Firms, Insurance Companies, Academics and Legal Teaching Institutions, private Banks, private Law Firms, etc. The legal outsourcing jobs in india are also present abundantly. The best private legal jobs in india include jobs at the following posts and positions:

  • Corporate Lawyer/Solicitor/Attorney
  • Director Legal Affairs
  • Corporate Legal Manager
  • Manager- Legal and Governmental Compliance
  • Legal Advisor/Consultant
  • Legal Associate/Manager/Officer
  • Finance Advisor
  • Insurance and Taxation Lawyer
  • Law Faculty Members
  • Legal Writer/Reporter
  • Maritime and Admiralty Lawyer
  • Patent Lawyer
  • Civil and Criminal Lawyer
  • Private Equity Lawyer

In the Governmental sector, the most prominent legal jobs in india are - Legal Advisors; Law Officers; Law Inspectors; Judicial Members of Income Tax, Revenue, Sales Tax, and Excise Departments; Legal Officers in Banks; Government Advocates; Public Prosecutors; Police/Judicial/Financial Departments of States of India; and in Defense Services.

Lawyer Avg. Salary in india

The average annual salary range for legal jobs in india in the industries and companies of diverse sectors of economy and commerce is starting from Rs. 125,000 to Rs. 1500,000. It varies in accordance with knowledge, expertise, and practice experience of the lawyers and attorneys in the concerned areas. In large corporate bodies, financial organizations, and business corporations, the average salary of lawyers, attorneys, and solicitors range from Rs. 125,000 to Rs. 4000, 000/- including the annual Bonus.