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Performance Appraisal

Comprehensive feedback to the employees in the organization is give through Performance appraisals. These are complied in order to give an assessment of employee’s contributions, also pointing with areas of excellence and drawbacks. This information is also provided to the management of the organization, which aid decisions on employee promotions, transfers, training needs, increments etc. Annual performance appraisal of all employees taken together also facilitates an opportunity to see the total performance of the whole organization, revealing areas where efforts have to be added up or rectifications to be made. Performance appraisals that are well-written are the best tools for an organization to provide the directions for the future course of work for each employee. It is an exhaustive process, but at the end of it the content acts like a mirror to reflect how each employee is furthering the cause of the organization in very specific ways.

It should be remembered that the employees be made aware of the desired outputs in the organization in categorized ways in terms of absolute specifics if possible. The comfort level of the workers too is matter to be sensitive about. The process should be explained and the rating system or other systems of evaluation be talked about to all. The superior could also examine the candidates through quantifiable data and this can be carried over several employees by the senior. The key targets are revealed by the group leader at the beginning of the year and all achievements at the end of the year be measured against it.

Performance appraisal is also made in the form of Confidential Reports, whereby the performance of the candidate is assessed critically by his or her senior. By the use of critical incident Technique, the employee is made aware of his/ her behavior in terms of the best and the worst. The evaluations are made on the basis of one’s annual performance in the various aspects of the work responsibility. It is called confidential since all information related to it is kept confidential. Job performance appraisal performance appraisal tips could be culled out from the relevant websites and it should be kept in mind that the writing is done in absolute clarity with no grey areas in the piece. This is of absolute necessity; otherwise the board would be confused on giving approval to the report, which is of high significance. The writing should be in the right flow and the required business jargons be used to explain a given detail of performance. How to write a performance appraisal is critical as information not presented well could be misconstrued and adversely affect a person’s career.

Companies HR divisions have developed various tools in order to draw out an objective evaluation of a candidates performance in the organization. A popular method used is the Checklist Technique, whereby a questionnaire form is given to seniors. The answer to the questions is to be provided in ‘yes’ or ‘no’. This is quick form of assessment, but lacks subjectivity. It touches upon various work performance details. Discussion on the performance though finds no scope in the evaluation.