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Job Placement Consultants Placement Consultants in Lucknow

Placement Consultants in Lucknow

Widely prominent as The City of Nawabs, and also as the Golden City of the East, Lucknow is the biggest city of the north and central India after Delhi. Today, it is one of the fastest growing and job-creating non-metro cities of India, especially in the northern India, to become a major commercial and marketing hub in this region of the country.

The number of large and famous placement consultants in lucknow, is therefore, also increasing fast, in order to fulfill adequately and excellently the requirements created in diverse fields of profession, business, academics, technical, and non-technical. These lucknow placement consultants help the employers of diverse sectors in finding and utilizing highly experienced and competent professionals and personnel, for better productivity, efficiency, and profitability of their companies and corporations established in Lucknow and beyond. To professionals and employees, these placement consultants lucknow provide jobs of their preferences, as per their qualifications and experience in certain fields, anywhere in Lucknow. Thus, all these placement agencies lucknow serve both employers and employees, and are vital and hugely productive intermediaries between the two groups. In this article we offer precious information about the numerous recruitment consultants in lucknow (most prominent and popular ones are listed in the sections below), together with the bright and promising job sectors in Lucknow for easy, prompt, and lucrative employment.

Lucknow is a beneficial and beautiful place in the northern India for living in, doing business, or even work in it. It is the political and administrative capital of the State like Uttar Pradesh. Lucknow has always been a glamorous centre of cultural and artistic, and business and trade, since the 18th century. Now, modern Lucknow is a bustling metropolitan city of India, expanding rapidly to become the largest manufacturing, commercial, trading, retailing, and recruiting hub in the northern and central part of India. Currently, Lucknow with its highly developed education, commercial, banking, and legal infrastructure, is witnessing fast progress in the fields of real estate and construction, information technology, retailing, marketing, ITES and BPO, software, banking, insurance, management, and manufacturing.

Top Job Agencies in Lucknow

Most of the major, famous, and reliable placement consultants and recruitment agencies of national and international importance have opened their well-equipped offices in the city of Lucknow. The number of these placement agencies lucknow in total, who support in getting local, regional, national, and international employment, is huge. Some of the most reputed and popular placement consultants in lucknow, are listed below (not necessarily in priority-wise):

  • Global Placement Services (Lal Bagh)
  • N-Source Placement Services Pvt. Ltd (Alambagh)
  • Career Avenues (Badshah Nagar Railway Station)
  • Globe Consultants (Gomti Nagar)
  • Ma Foi Consultants (Kalyanpur)
  • Datamatics Staffing Services
  • GS Job Point (Sanjay Gandhi Puram)

List of Prominent Placement Services in Lucknow

In addition to the above mentioned recruitment consultants in lucknow, there are other amply prominent placement services in lucknow, who support varied employment in all emerging sectors of Lucknow discussed in the first section. Some of these largely popular placement agencies of Lucknow are the following:

  • Tech Consultancy Services (Indira Nagar)
  • Executives Network (Vikas Nagar)
  • Karmic Management Services Pvt. Ltd (Hazratganj)
  • Hope HR Solutions (Faizabad Road)
  • Galaxy Career (Latouche Road)
  • Versatile Solutions Management Consultants (Indira Nagar)
  • Sanch Manpower Solutions Pvt. Ltd (Gomti Nagar)
  • Rainbow Consultancy (Park Road)
  • Careerworld Consultants (Indira Nagar)
  • Shree Laxmi Enterprises (Chinhat)
  • Spark Solutions (Shiva Ji Marg)
  • Gateway HR Consultants (Faizabad Road)
  • Career Developer (Adil Nagar)