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Self Assessment

The most common question confronting almost all graduates is: "I don't know what I want to do.” There are various psychological tests which could help youngsters answer this question for their self-assessment. There is a battery of tests administered by the experts who could be used for self assessments that reveal one’s personality types, strengths and weaknesses, helping the person in taking career decisions. One often wonders- what is self assessment. Well, you gather information about yourself in order to make an informed career decision and career experts believe that self assessment is the process to the first step of the career planning process. During a self assessment, the values, interests, personality, and skills of the individual taking the test gets revealed.

Values: Refer to those set of things that hold importance for to you, such as achievement, status, and autonomy.

Interests: Indicate those activities one enjoys doing like playing golf, taking long walks, hanging out with friends.

Personality: Refers to individual traits present in a person, motivational drives, needs, and attitudes, which to a large extent could be innate.

Skills: Constitute the abilities for activities such as writing, computer programming, and teaching.

People who are confused about career decisions due to lack of self knowledge could well benefit from hiring a career counselor who would administer an assortment of tests from self assessment tests inventories. The tests are conducted in a friendly manner, whereby a brief is given by the expert on the different types of tools you may encounter. The results of the test along with their implications are discussed out of which the person would attain some self-discovery for considerations when pursuing a career change. There are several self assessment online tests available for the purposes of self-assessment. However, one must make sure that the test one opts to go for is standardized. Non-standardized tests may lack objective and comprehensive self-assessment. The standardized test are devised by experts and verified by the concerned authorities in the field.

Self Assessment in Achievement Behavior

The important tests delivered during a self assessment for indicating ones values include Minnesota Importance Questionnaire (MIQ), Survey of Interpersonal Values (SIV), or Temperament and Values Inventory. A very well-known interest inventory is the Strong Interest Inventory (SII), formerly known as the Strong-Campbell Interest Inventory. The SII should only be administered by a career development professional, who also scores it, and interprets the results. Another popular test used by career development practitioners frequently is the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for the assessment of personality. It aims to measure differences in traits between individuals. In an overall way, the tests are indicative of the patterns of expected achievement behavior in an individual since all the components of one’s personality contribute to achievements.

Self assessment online test could also include Computer-Assisted Career Guidance Assessments tests which aim to provide comprehensive self-assessment to individuals for career related concerns or otherwise. There are many computer programs like Programs like SIGI 3 (System of Interactive Guidance and Information) and Discover that reveal interests, skills, and values. Based on the answers to the questions provided by the individual taking the test, the software throws up a host of career the user may be interested in.