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Teaching Job in India

The Education System and Infrastructure of India is one of the largest educational systems in the world. The standard and quality of Indian education at schools, colleges, and universities, too, is among the best in the entire world. This second most populous country of the world, therefore, has vast and varied requirement for education and teaching staff and faculties at diverse levels and posts. Both Governmental and Private sectors of India offers a rather extensive range of illustrious teaching jobs under several categories in the areas of school education and higher education in colleges, institutions, and universities. Thus, the scope and future of any teaching job in india is promising and bright! Moreover, the online teaching job in india, also provides massive employment to Indian and International teachers, lecturers, and professors.

Teaching gives highly promising and growth-oriented careers both at school and university levels. A talented and experienced teaching professional can steadily and quickly reach up to the management level within the subject or field team, and ultimately become the Head of Department. Private coaching can also be provided, in addition to the teaching service at any government or private educational institution. Alternatively, they can also become Advanced Skills Teachers (ASTs) and derive high salaries.

Teaching Jobs Stats in India

The magnitude of diverse teaching job in india has been growing steadfast with development, progress, and prosperity of India economy, especially in the private sector. The number of private schools and colleges has been increasing tremendously in the urban areas and cities of India in all across the country. The higher education and technical education in India has been becoming sophisticated and refined day by day, particularly in the science, technical, engineering, technology, and management fields. These educational institutions require talented and experienced teachers, lectures, and professors in a large number throughout the year. Apart from these teaching professionals, several other professions are connected with the education and teaching industry, which also seek experienced and expert staff and professionals with ample field knowledge and expertise. These provide careers like education administrators, public relationship professionals, education counselors, librarians, child care workers, trainers and motivators, coaches, etc. The following are the main and most important categories for teaching job in india in the private sector:

  • Primary School Teachers
  • High School Teachers
  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Academic Officers and Principals
  • Academic Counselors
  • Lecturers
  • Professors/Associate Professors
  • Foreign Language Teachers
  • Heads of Department at Colleges and Universities
  • Overseas Education Counselors

Teacher Salary in India

The average salaries for various types of teaching job in india, at the school, college, and university levels, are given below. These annual average salaries include the bonus, commissions, and profit sharing. These salaries for the teaching job india do not include the Equity compensation, the cash value of Retirement Benefits, and other Non-Cash facilities and benefits such as the Healthcare, etc. Here, it is noteworthy that these salaries are offered by the Private sector of India; Governmental average salaries for teaching jobs at schools, colleges, and universities will be different from these.

Teaching Faculty Average Salary (Annual)
Primary School Teachers 60, 000 – 250,000.
High School Teachers Rs.80, 000 – 500,000.
Lecturers Rs.115, 000 – 500,000.
Professors Rs.225, 000 – 1700,000.

In the Governmental sector, the monthly salary of teachers in India according to the 5th Pay Commission varies from Rs.8000/- (Kindergarten Level) to Rs.17,500/- (Post Graduate Teacher Level). And, according to the UGC and Governmental norms, the basic salary of Lectures and Professors in India, are as follows:

Lecturers (Basic) - Rs: 8000 – 275 – 12000.

Professors (Basic) - Rs: 16000 – 450 – 24000.

In addition to these salary figures they are entitled to get allowances like DA, Medical, HRA, PF, Superannuation, etc.