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Travel Jobs in India

The Travel and Tourism Industry of India, is the largest service industry of the country, and one of the most important foreign exchange earners of India. Moreover, this tourism and travel industry of India is ever-growing with a high growth rate of over 5% annually (global average is about 4.5%). More than 8% of the total employment of India is provided by this travel and tourism industry of India. Thus, immense and ever-increasing travel and tourism jobs in india, are ever-present in its Governmental and Private Sectors in a rather wide range of different areas. It may be noted that India is one of the most famous and popular destinations in the whole world for international and global tourism owing to a variety of outstanding reasons described below. Still, the tourism industry of india has enormous potential for further growth and employment in the future. The Medical Tourism in India has been growing fast with an amazing growth rate of about 30% annually, and draws medical tourists and vacationers from all across the world because of its impressive and generous features. Therefore, travel jobs in india, in turn, are expanding faster than ever before, due to tremendous growth in domestic and international tourism in India. Our present article offers comprehensive and exclusive information about all types of travel jobs india in a wide range of areas and at a variety of posts.

Tourism Jobs in India

India is perhaps the only country in the entire world to cater to most gratifyingly a wide diversity of tourism, namely, History Tourism; Beach Tourism; Medical Tourism; Religious Tourism; Business Tourism; Adventure Tourism; Heritage and Cultural Tourism; Wildlife Tourism; Spiritual Tourism; and various other types of tourism. Therefore, the prospects, profitability, and prosperity of travel and tourism jobs in india, are always huge and bright, in its a variety of areas in the Governmental and Private Sectors. The main and major areas for travel and tourism jobs in india are Tourism Departments, Means of Transportation, Airlines, Hotels and Hospitality, Travel Agencies and Companies, and Tour Operators.

Tourism Departments: Officers in the Directorates of Tourism, Tour Planners, Tour Guides, Sales and Marketing Executives, Reservation and Counter Staff and Personnel, etc.

Airlines: Traffic Assistants, Airhostesses, Flight Pursers, Sales and Marketing Executives and Staff, Customer Care Services, Reservation and Counter Staff and personnel, etc.

Travel Agencies or Companies: Cargo and Courier Agents, Tour Operators, Tour Escorts, Sales and marketing professionals, Reservation and Counter Staff, etc.

Hotels and Hospitality: Operations Managers, Front Office Executives, Engineering and Maintenance Team, Sales Executives and Staff, Public relations officers, Accounting Staff and officers, Food and Beverage (F & B) Staff and Personnel, Housekeeping personnel, and many more.

Travel Industry of india

The travel and tourism industry of india has been receiving over 17 millions international tourists and vacationers (the majority of these come from USA and UK) every year in different parts of the country. For domestic tourists this figure is about 750 millions (annually). These facts describe the vastness and importance of the travel and tourism industry of india in respect of its contribution to the Indian economy and employment. About 6% of the total national GDP of India is provided by this travel and tourism industry every year. The total direct employment in the travel and tourism sector of india is about 20 millions. Because of connected with other sectors of economy such as catering and hospitality, handicrafts, horticulture, construction, poultry, agriculture, and industrial manufacturing of some products, it also employs numerous people indirectly.