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The Fanatic

  • Cast: James Paxton,Ana Golja,Devon Sawa,John Travolta
  • Release Date: 30 , Aug 2019
  • Director(s): Fred Durst
  • Music Director(s): John Swihart
  • Producer(s): Oscar Generale and Daniel Grodnik
  • Genre: Thriller,Horror

To be released on 30th August 2019, this is an American psychological horror-thriller film directed by Fred Durst, and starring John Travolta. In this mystery thriller film, a rabid movie fan named Moose is obsessed with a film actor Hunter Dunbar, and thinks that he deserves an autograph of the celebrity with favorable interaction with the star. But, when Moose finds an opportunity to meet the celebrity, he is rejected. Then, Moose takes help from a well-connected paparazzi photographer Leia, and gets address of the celebrity’s home. When Moose enters Hunter’s home dodging the housekeeper and confronts Hunter, he is advised by Hunter to stay out of his neighborhood. But, while seeming harmless at first, Moose’s actions begin to take a dark turn, as his obsession grows stronger. Moose keeps returning to Hunter’s home, and gets rejected frequently considered a stalker, along with a threat by Hunter to get shot if Hunter sees him again in his neighborhood. As Moose’s visits continue to escalate, Hunter finds himself in an increasing danger.

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