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2012 Bank Holidays

Bank holidays are more often regarded as public holidays. 2012 bank holidays will be soon arriving and to make the best of it, planning something special will definitely be on everyone’s mind. Traditionally, bank holidays are very special but in fact they are occasions for people across the globe. Most of the people take great care of every single bank holiday and plan accordingly to spend leisure time with family, friends and other loved ones. The year 2011 is about to end leaving some beautiful memories in our wallets and the year 2012 is about to make its arrival with some new  bank holidays 2012 so that each one of us get at least one free day out of the whole month to spend with our loved ones.

Everyone loves a holiday whether be it for few days or weeks. The month of August is on everybody’s mind as they keep waiting for the bank holidays that arrive in the month of august.  Staying back at home can prove to be a bit boring as it is a regular schedule. So, it is better to planning your weekend or 2012 bank holidays at a destination you have been longing to visit with your loved ones. However, some people like to spend their bank holidays at home with their family having their special meals prepared by their lovely mothers but on the other hand, you may also come across people who are more interested to spend their holidays flying away somewhere during the bank holiday period. This is what you can do during 2012 bank holidays if you really wish to make the most of it.

To spend an exceptionally enriching and rejuvenating time with your family and other loved ones, choose a destination spot holiday package that is available at affordable prices and a place that you have always wished to go either be it in your city itself or in another country. Parents wanting a bit of romance can plan their honeymoon again at their favorite destination spot otherwise, it is always better to get involved in the outdoor or indoor activities along with your kids.  Trying a hand at kid’s activities can be great fun and entertainment. A bank holiday is a special day for almost every individual because there is no other automatic time off available. In fact, majority of the people are often granted extra pay for working on these days depending on their contract but on the other hand, people who are not working on the bank holidays always have a paid leave in their holidays account because the 2012 bank holidays are considered under the paid leaves.

List of bank holidays

Having already known, India is a vast land that shares innumerable traditions and culture celebrating various religiously diverse traditional festivals and events. The three national holidays in India are republic day, Independence Day and mahatma Gandhi’s birthday but otherwise a huge list of 2012 bank holidays is mentioned below. On the other hand, when you take in consideration the 2012 bank holiday calendar in United States, you will come across many legal holidays by states and federal holidays.

List of Bank holidays 2012 for USA:

New year’s day

Birthday of martin Luther king, Jr.

Washington’s birthday

Memorial day

Independence day

Labor day

Columbus day

Veterans day

Thanksgiving day

Christmas day

January 1, 2012 (Sunday)

January 16, 2012 (Monday)

February 20, 2012 (Monday)

May 28, 2012 (Monday)

July 4, 2012 (Wednesday)

September 3, 2012 (Monday)

October 8, 2012 (Monday)

November 11, 2012 (Sunday)

November 22, 2012 (Thursday)

December 25, 2012 (Tuesday)

List of Bank holidays dates 2012 for India:

Republic day

Maha Shivratri


Mahavir jayanthi

Good Friday

Buddha purnima

Raksha Bandhan

Krishna janmashtmi

Independence day

Eid ul-Fitr

Ganesh chaturthi

Mahatma Gandhi jayanthi

Vijaya dashmi


Guru nanak jayanthi


January 26, 2012 (Thursday)

February 20, 2012 (Monday)

March 8, 2012 (Thursday)

April 5, 2012 (Thursday)

April 6, 2012 (Friday)

May 6, 2012 (Sunday)

August 2 , 2012(Thursday)

August 10, 2012 (Friday)

August 15, 2012 (Wednesday)

August 19 , 2012(Sunday)

September 19, 2012 (Wednesday)

October 2, 2012 (Tuesday)

October 24, 2012 (Wednesday)

13 November, 2012 (Tuesday)

November 28, 2012 (Wednesday)

December 25, 2012 ( Tuesday)