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April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day is celebrated in various countries around the globe on April 1st every year. Also known as All Fools' Day, It is not a national holiday; still it is widely well known and celebrated as a day when many people play all kinds of pranks and jokes.

April fool's day history

The beginning of April Fools' Day is believed to have started from the festival of Romans of Hilaria, held on March 25, and the Medieval Festival of Fools, held on December 28, still on this day pranks are played in Spanish-speaking countries.

The exact time that can be identified as the start of this tradition was in France, 1582. The New Year was celebrated for 8 days earlier, beginning from 25th March of every year. This day was thronged with lots of celebrations that ended on April 1. With the calendar reform under Charles IX and the introduction of Gregorian calendar at that time, the New Year's Day was made to be January 1.

An April fool day prank from history

There was only 1 TV channel in Sweden in 1962, and it was broadcast in black and white. As technical expert of the station, Kjell Stensson, went on the news to announce that, viewers can convert their settings on the sets to display reception in colors, due to a new technology. All they had to do was to pull a nylon stocking of their TV screen. He proceeded for process demonstration. Thousands of people got into the prank.

April fool's Day Ideas

To play a prank on April fool, one can exchange the little holders of salt and pepper shakers. Switching salt with sugar and then looking at the face of your family members and friend when they taste their food will just make your day. This prank is very commonly played but is still very popular.

Or Get a balloon; put it on the tailpipe of a truck, or car, etc. (Make sure the car is not on) Then get in it and ask your parents to start it up and it will pop. This will sound like the tire has popped.

Or Grab lots of alarm clocks, set them onto alarm at very early times in the early morning and hide them all in different- different places at your target’s room.

Or if one has a sink with a sprayer, place a rubber band around the handle when nobody's watching. It keeps the nozzle in spray mode. Ensure the nozzle is pointing out and upwards. The next person who will use the sink will get a splash. Very funny!

Or For a fruity-fruity April fool’s joke, get some gummy worms and cautiously poke them into some fresh fruits, particularly in apples. Give your parents a wormy apple for breakfast and leave some of the apples on the table for friends and family members to have them.

Or this April fool’s prank is old but still it works. Glue few coins tightly to the roadsides or any place where a lot of people walk around. Ensure that it is an appropriate place, and then look at people breaking their fingernails to get the coins.