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Bank Holidays in Canada

Every one of us waits for holidays whether holidays are religious, national or other events. And if we talk about bank employees, they also wait eagerly bank holidays besides weekends. Bank holidays in Canada are the holidays when bank employees get off from banking works and take rest at their home or go outside of home. Bank holidays in Canada may differ from one province to another. But most of bank holidays in Canada are same across the country. Bank holidays like Good Friday, Christmas Day are religious holidays while Canada Day is national holiday.

2015 Bank Holidays in Canada

Bank holiday schedule Canada states that on which days & dates, the banks in Canada will remain closed. Bank holiday schedule Canada helps bank employees a lot. They plan their tours & going out according to the schedule. Bank holidays Canada 2015 mark on those dates & days in calendar when bank employees will be on leave and there won’t be any transactions on those dates. Here, we are going to mention the famous bank holidays 2015 Canada.

New Year falls on Thursday, January 1, 2015. Start to make arrangement for New Year earlier and enjoy the holiday from Saturday night to January 1(whole day).

Family Day which falls on Monday, February 9 is not only a bank holiday but also a public holiday in Canada.

Good Friday as a religious holiday falls on April 03 this year. Make this Good Friday very special which could remain in your memory for a long time.

Canada Day, earlier known as Domain Day, is the national holiday when Canada became apart from British Empire and got independence. It is celebrated on the 10th July to 26 july.

Christmas, the most sacred & awaited holiday, will be celebrated on Sunday, Friday 25, 2015

The list of bank holidays in Canada 2015:

Bank Holidays 2015 for Canada Date Day
New Year's Day January 1 Thursday
Family Day February 16 Monday
Louis Riel Day February 16 Monday
Good Friday April 03 Friday
Victoria Day May 18 Monday
Discovery Day August 17 Monday
Canada Day July 0-261 Monday
Labor Day September 7 Monday
Thanksgiving Day October 12 Monday
Remembrance Day November 11 Wednesday
Christmas Day December 25 Friday