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Body Massage

Body massage encompassing a variety of types and techniques, is perhaps the most simple, oldest, sovereign, and elegant therapeutic and relaxation method, in the medical and healthcare history. The history of massages traces its origin to the 2700 B.C., when Chinese and Hippocrates used massages for the treatment of various types of diseases and war or sports injuries successfully. Later on, many other ancient cultures namely, Egyptians, Japanese, Arabians, Romans, and Indian diversified and enriched the fields and purposes of generic massage. Today, body massages have become excellent and most satisfying therapeutic techniques to relax, soothe, invigorate, and rejuvenate the body, mind, and the soul, in all across the world.

Body massages are famous worldwide and popular immensely for the sure and lasting treatment of problems forming a wide range, using a variety of ointments, healing techniques, and strokes such as wringing, kneading, gliding, hacking, and pulling, on various parts of the body - for the ultimate purposes of releasing and relieving all types of stresses, tensions, harms, and disorders in the parts of the body.

Excessive tensions and stresses of various types, and frequent injuries and disorders, are collectively the main and potential cause of a variety of health problems relating to body or mind. Body massages (using a variety of body massage techniques) release, relieve, and cure all such health hazards, by improving blood and lymph circulation, appropriate flow of oxygen, soothing and relaxation of sore nerves, and necessary nourishment to the skin.

Types of Massage

Massages, in general, are excellent and elegant means of soothing, relaxing, and healing body and mind, since ancient times. Today, massages have been widely diversified and perfected over the years, into a variety of different forms, to suit elegantly diverse ailments and requirements. Worldwide most prominent, hugely popular, and well-tried body massage therapies, each with specific objectives and unique characteristics, are given below:

Full body massage: Full body massage covers head to feet and toes, and can be for any special or multiple objectives. A comprehensive body massage treats every part and system of your body, making it cured, relaxed, and sound. The full body massage therapy restores and rejuvenates all important systems of the body, essentially including the muscular system, circulatory and lymphatic systems, mental and nervous systems, and endocrine and digestive systems.

The Swedish massage: The Swedish massage therapy is the most common and popular body massage, and the best type of massage to start body massaging, if you never had a massage before it. Performed with a variety of massaging strokes and circular movements using oils and lotions, this Swedish massage therapy gives improved flow of oxygen in the body parts, better immune system, and well-rounded nourishment to the skin.

Aromatherapy massage: This massage helps as a supplementary massage to any basic body massage, for getting a highly soothing and relaxing effect. The aromatherapy massage is made using highly aromatic and refreshing oils and lotions, and the scent of Lavender, for the relieving of deep emotional stresses.

Indian Abhayanga Therapeutic Massage: Recommended by Ayurveda, this therapeutic massage uses a variety of herbal spices and aromatic oils (selected depending on the type of ailments) for body detoxification, revival, and rejuvenation. This massage therapy is one of the most used massage systems in India.

Deep Tissue Massage: It is especially suited for the patrons suffering from various problems arising from sore body muscles, and constant body strains and pains.

Shiatsu massage: This popular Eastern massage applies elegant pressure to specific sore points and joints, to restore smooth flow of oxygen, blood, and energy throughout the body. Shiatsu body massage is also additionally helpful in sorting out some digestive problems, elimination of headaches and muscular stiffness.

Hot Stone massage therapy: Hot stone massage therapy is hugely popular in spa centers of all across the world, for relieving back pain and stresses, and rectification of the blood circulation. Reflexology or Foot Massage: This foot massage therapy is very helpful for relieving and curing work stresses and pains in the feet, preparing and invigorating these for better health and strength or for certain tiring foot march. Sports Massage: This sports massage is most popular for increasing strength, stamina, and agility of the overall body, making it excellently suitable for certain grueling and tiring physical activities or sports. Pregnancy or Prenatal Massage: This body massage is exclusively administered on pregnant and expectant mothers. This massage therapy relieves body stresses and pains, relaxes body muscles, soothes sore nerves, reduces swelling, and restores the general normal conditions of body.

In addition to all the above-mentioned body massage therapies and techniques, our business alliances also provide many more professional massage services like Indian Head Massage, Thai massage, Neuromuscular therapy, Natural face-lift massage, and Lymphatic drainage therapy.

Benefits of Body Massage

Residual and unrelieved stresses and tensions cause muscular harms and stresses, which in turns cause decreased flow of blood and oxygen to the organs, and thus creating pains, aches, muscle tightness & stiffness, body fatigue, agony, disorders, and injuries. Body massages help immensely and elegantly in releasing and relieving such stresses by improving blood and oxygen circulations, curing sore nerves, with due nourishment to the skin, removal of the deposits of tissue, and in maintaining the right weight of the body. The following are the most outstanding benefits of body massages, gained by the application of one or more massage therapies:

  • De-stressing, soothing, and restoration of all vital systems of the body, namely, blood circulation system, oxygen flow system, nervous system, lymphatic system, immunity system, and digestive system
  • Relieving and relaxation of sore muscles of throughout the whole body, eliminating body stiffness, fatigue, spasms, and cramps
  • Relieving all types of body pains by the release of endorphins
  • Great ease and flexibility at treated joints
  • Release of various emotional and mental agonies and tensions
  • Restoration and invigoration of the energy flow in the body, which helps in establishing balance and harmony between the mind and body
  • Enhancement of bodily and mental agility, alertness, and clear logical faculty
  • Fast recovery from illness and injuries
  • Requisite nourishment to the skin
  • Enhancement of facial beauty and luster
  • Helpful in weight loss
  • Give great ease, flexibility, relaxation, and peace of body and mind