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Boxing Day

Boxing Day…A Cousin to Christmas!

Boxing Day is like Christmas. It has its own history as well. It was celebrated during nineteenth century in the decade of Queen Victoria. Boxing Day is celebrated on 26th of December every year. It is celebrated in Canada, Australia, and Britain, New Zealand as well as various other Commonwealth countries.

Boxing Day involves lot of family gatherings. It is more or less like a festival as Christmas is. You can invite friends and relatives and spend quality time with them. It is real fun, frolic and amusement.

Boxing Day History

Boxing Day…as the name suggests had its inception when Christmas boxes were being collected by the tradesmen in exchange for goods and services all through the year. Another name for Boxing Day is St. Stephen’s Day.

St. Stephen was one of the Christians being killed some days after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. On this day you should give gifts and money to the poor and other unfortunate people.

Till last year even government buildings and shops used to be closed on Boxing Day but nowadays situations have changed. Most of the shops remain open on this day now.

Boxing Day Sales

In United Kingdom, Boxing Day is becoming quite a famous tradition among most of the households during Christmas. Anyway this season offers a lot of parties, get-togethers, over-eating and more. Boxing Day sales comes as an addition to this celebration. It is quite an old tradition to go to a shopping mall during Christmas and enjoy the January Sales. But there is also an alternative for this when you get really good quality cheapest things online during the Best Boxing Day Sales.

There happens to be a lot of discounts on every item during the Boxing Day sales…in- store as well as online. Online Shopping Concept on the Boxing Day has really made it interesting for the customers who are able to access these at their doorstep just at some nominal delivery charges. Infact many of the stores start their discounts on the Christmas day itself. Thus the customers have a lot of fresh options on the second day of the sale.

Last but not the least always remember to do a little research on the online shopping sites before buying anything…your savings would be better…buying would be cost effective!