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Chinese New Year 2012

The chinese new year 2012, is the year of Dragon. The chinese new year is based on the Chinese lunar calendar, and the commencement of it does not remain the same, like the Gregorian calendar. Therefore, it is a common question every year that, when is chinese new year beginning? The chinese new year 2012 date (the starting date of chinese new year 2012) falls on January 23, 2012. The celebrations for chinese new year 2012 will begin from this day on, and generally goes up to the Lantern festival (February 6, 2012). Observed as the Spring Festival in the mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao, the chinese new year is also celebrated as a big festival in the Asian countries of Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, and Japan. Chinese people residing in countries all across the globe used to celebrate the chinese new year with great enthusiasm and flying colors in the same place. The Chinese lunar calendar, rich Chinese culture and time-honored traditions for observing this yearly festival, all are quite famous worldwide, spectacular, and impressive. We wish all our Chinese visitors and clients, a very Happy and prosperous New Year 2012!

Chinese New Year Europe

The Chinese culture and traditions associated with the celebration of chinese new year, have been attracting, interesting, and impressing people of all across the world (especially European countries), where Chinese people reside temporarily or permanently. As is with people of other countries and cultures, the occasion of New Year, is very pleasant, happy, auspicious, and optimistic to the Chinese people also. It is time for vivid lighting and decorations, new clothes, traditional foods, Yearly family dinner, visiting to relatives and elders to get their blessings, cloying fun and entertainment, and great enjoyment of firework devices, martial arts, classical dances, and traditional music.

Celebrations of Chinese New Year has been entertaining and impressing people of many different countries of Europe for a long time, where Chinese nationals reside in great numbers. These European countries are Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, France, and many others.

Culture Of Chinese New Year

The Chinese culture and tradition associated with the celebration of chinese new year is interesting and impressive indeed. Observed as the Spring Festival of the year for about 10-15 days, leading up to the Lantern Festival, the Chinese New Year ceremony, is very refreshing, invigorating, entertaining, and rejuvenating. This yearly carnival is followed by long and elaborate preparations and thorough cleaning of homes, houses, and commercial buildings and complexes.

Thorough Spring Cleaning; New Clothes for everyone; Colorful Lighting and Decorations; Traditional and Favorite Foods; New Year’s Eve Parties; Yearly Family Dinner; Enjoyment of firework devices, martial arts, and classical Chinese music and dances; Lucky Money; Visiting to family members, relatives, and friends; Wishing them Health, Wealth, Good Luck and Prosperity in the new year; Meeting Elders and Aged to get their Blessings; Paying homage to Ancestors; and making one’s mood for living a good and generous life in the new year, are the commonly followed universal features of Chinese new year ceremony. These are the activities and conducts (repeated every year as per culture and traditions) that can make every person of society happy, optimistic, generous, and responsible, for leading a creative, highly productive, and meaningful life.