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Chinese New Year Cards

The Chinese New Year is the biggest festival not only in China, but also in other Asian countries of Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore. Celebrated as the Spring Festival of the year, the chinese new year celebrations end with the Lantern Festival. Therefore, we wish all people of these countries a very Happy New Year, every year, - together with the greetings of best of health, wealth, luck, and prosperity in the New Year! According to the world-famous Chinese Lunar Calendar, the Chinese New Year 2013, is the Year of the Dragon, and commences from 23rd January 2013. As usual, our chinese new year cards 2013 are ready for our Chinese and other visitors to use.

Our organization offers a variety of New Year Cards to our myriads of percipient, discerning, and loyal visitors and clients of all across the world, with the intentions to help them impressively in their colorful celebrations of New Year festival. The same thing also applies to our Chinese visitors and clients.

So, there are available with us a wide range of bright, beautiful, and touching chinese new year cards for everyone, under the categories of chinese new year cards 2013, free chinese new year cards, online chinese new year cards, printable chinese new year cards, and e chinese new year cards.

Chinese New Year Cards Sayings

There are certain greetings, quotes, and sayings, which are commonly and popularly used on and around the occasion of chinese new year, in different provinces of China and other Asian countries. These chinese new year greetings and sayings are for every member of the society. Most of these sayings and greetings are also used for chinese new year cards. The following are some of the most prominent and popular chinese new year cards sayings:

  • san ihn faai lohk - For Wishing "Happy New Year"
  • gung /hei/ faat choih - For Wishing and Blessing "Happiness and Prosperity"
  • san ihn jeun bouh - For wishing "Progress in the New Year"
  • ihns’aamaahn - For wishing "Happy New Year’s Eve"
  • hohkyihp jeun bouh - For wishing students "Progress in Studies"
  • saangyihing luhng - For wishing "Progress in Business"

Printable Chinese New Year Cards

We have a rich stock of free chinese new year cards, online chinese new year cards, e chinese new year cards, chinese new year e-cards, and enthralling printable chinese new year cards, for children, teens, youngsters, grown-ups, and aged people. As the chinese new year is the biggest and greatest festival of the whole year, and also that China has a rich and glorious tradition of well-wishing to everyone and revering seniors and aged, we provide a rather wide variety of chinese new year cards. A variety of chinese new year printable templates are also available.

Our each category of chinese new year cards, has been well-adorned with the Chinese zodiac sign of the year (chinese new year cards 2013, are decorated with the sign of the Dragon). Many diverse Chinese symbols of good luck, happiness, and prosperity, are also printed on the majority of our well-devised chinese new year cards. Fireworks, flowers, opulence of spring, prevailing optimism, blue and white porcelain, art of Chinese silk embroidery, desires of making a new brave beginning in the new year, loving and caring, inspiring, etc, themes are profoundly used on our exclusively aesthetic and enthralling chinese new year cards.