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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year differs from New Year based on the Georgian calendar and falls on various dates mainly in January & February every year. Basically Chinese New Year is a fifteen days celebration and also known as Chinese Lunar New Year. Chinese New Year is also known as Spring Festival in China. Its importance to Chinese is the same as Christmas to Christians. Chinese New Year 2015 starts on February 19 and lasts on February 20(Lantern Festival). Chinese New Year Eve is on the 19th February when Chinese families gather annual dinner which is known as the Eve of Passing Year. 2015 is the year of Dragon. It is Water Dragon (Ren chen)

History of Chinese New Year

The beginning of Chinese New Year is very old and gets significance due to the existence of several myths & traditions. According to a tale, Chinese New Year began with the fight against Nian which is a mythical animal. People believed that Nian came on the first day of New Year to eat crops, livestock or even villagers particularly children. People started to put food in front of their doors on the first day of the year to protect them. People believed Nian wouldn’t attack on them after eating food prepared by them. There was a time when people saw that Nian scared away after seeing a little child wearing red cloth. Villagers came to understand that the Nian was afraid of red. So, when New Year was to come around people started to hang red lantern on doors and windows. People made fire to crackers to frighten the Nian. And then the Nian never came to village. This type of various tales and mythologies are behind the history of Chinese New Year.

Celebrations of Chinese New Year Around the World

Millions of people celebrate Chinese New Year around the world. Chinese New Year is mainly celebrated in countries & cities like China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Tibet, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, and Philippines. Chinese New Year is not a holiday in countries like USA, UK, Canada, and Australia but Chinese New Year celebration takes place in the earlier mentioned countries. Chinese New Year celebration starts a day before New Year. People gather and take dinner together and welcome New Year. Chinese New Year celebration ends on the 15th day (lantern festival) including parties & fire crackers.