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Christmas Decoration

Christmas or Christmas Day is the most popular Christian holiday and festival, celebrated generally on the December 25th every year, to commemorate the auspicious birth of Jesus Christ. However, Christmas is also celebrated on January 6th or 7th, or on January 19th, by the followers of Orthodox Churches, the Armenian Apostolic Church, and the Armenians of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, respectively. Although the traditions, customs, culture and food habits, and calendar associated with Christmas vary by regions and countries, Christmas is celebrated everywhere with the same great zeal and enthusiasm, and is therefore, a truly global festival.

The Christmas season is celebrated with great fervor and flying colors in different ways varying by regions and countries of all over the world. Most common and popular customs of the Christmas celebrations cover the lighting and decorating Christmas trees, the hanging of Christmas stockings, wreaths, candy canes, the creation of Nativity scenes, Christmas gift-giving, Church celebrations, a special feast, and the extravagant display of magnificent decorations indoor and outdoor.

These are dazzling Christmas decorations that make peoples’ mood festive. Christmas preparations and decorations are on full swing usually in the early December. People traditionally use to decorate during this festive season their homes, interiors and exteriors, shopping malls, and other commercial buildings ornately. Gift-giving, champagne, music, dance, and satiating feast, are inevitable part of sumptuous Christmas celebrations.

Christmas Icons form essential part of enthralling Christmas decorations. The most famous and popular Christmas icons are Baby Jesus, Santa Claus, and the star of Bethlehem; while Christmas trees, snow-flakes, snowmen, icicles, penguins, polar bear, and many more, are other quite familiar winter icons. A variety of artificial lights and holy plants are used for decorating homes, houses, and buildings, along with diverse candles, bells, stars, wreaths, stockings, and toy angels. Most popular holy plants used for Christmas decorations are Holly, red Armyllis, mistletoe, and Christmas cactus.

Handmade Christmas Decorations

Handmade decorations during the festive Christmas season or on the auspicious occasion of Christmas Day, are very popular, and are essentially made more or less, by most of the people. Handmade decorations used to add beauty, charms, and warmth to both indoor and outdoor decorations, particularly during the Christmas season.

Handmade Christmas decorations are stunning artworks used generally to decorate walls, Christmas tree, dining table, and drawing room, using a variety of materials and fabrics of varied colors. Handmade Christmas decorations can add celestial beauty to the Christmas tree. One can start decorating the Christmas tree first with the lights, and then subsequently with garlands and ornaments.

Handmade Christmas wreaths made of paper or fabric evergreen leaves with intense red ribbon bows look strikingly beautiful, together with hollies and bells. For handmade Christmas decorations one simply needs to combine impressively fabric, paper, dye, glitters, sequences, cute colored stuff, ribbons, Santa Claus pictures, photographs, paint, found objects, embroideries, and fringes, as per his/her likes.

Traditional Christmas Decorations

In the countries of North and South America, Europe, and Australia, and also in numerous countries of all over the world, people traditionally use to decorate during this festive season their homes, interiors and exteriors, shopping malls, and other commercial buildings ornately. Municipalities help in adorning the cities. The traditional outdoor Christmas decorations encompass fancy lights, illuminated sleighs, snowmen, bells, stockings, garlands, candy canes, candles, wreaths, angels, and so on.

Christmas table decoration is quite traditional, popular, and impressive, during the Christmas season for all types of parties starting from casual to formal. Christmas table decorations are made in a variety of colors, styles, and fringes. Shades of white or any light pastel tones are widely popular. Tables dinning or other with embroideries, laces, and cutworks are very famous and popular during the Christmas season. Dining table settings with artificial flowers, candle rings, red-colored crockery, and red & white culinary, are greatly appreciated during the Christmas season.

Christmas Decorations with Different Colors

Green and red are traditional colors of Christmas decorations. However, white, and metallic colors like gold and silver, are also very popular. Moreover, blue and white are generally used to represent winter.

Sometimes colors and color-combinations impress more than designs and fringes. It is perhaps the reason that colors are more emotive and palpable, than the design elements. Therefore, one must be very selective while choosing colors and color-combinations for indoor and outdoor Christmas decorations. For interior Christmas decorations there are a variety of color combinations available. For example, pastels can harmoniously match with colors of pink, lilac, peach, baby blue, butter, or mint. In general, majority of colors match well with either white, or ivory, or any metallic shade (such as gold, silver, rusted iron, brass, pewter, etc.).