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Earth Day

Earth Day is celebrated every year in all across the world, with the exclusive and magnificent objective of inspiring and spreading all-round awareness and appreciation about the natural greenery and eco-friendly environment of the earth. UNESCO and USA have been contributing to its global celebration substantially in the past decades.

History of Earth Day

Earth Day aims at inspiring the valuation and awareness for the natural environment. The idea of the Earth day was initiated by John McConnell in 1969 at one of the UNESCO conferences held in San Francisco. Infact San Francisco is the city which announced the Earth Day on March 21st 1970. United States Senator Gaylord Nelson laid the foundation of another Earth Day on April 22nd 1970. Later in the US, Denis Hayes launched this particular date in atleast in 143 countries by 1990 and organized various kinds of events across the world. United Nations announced April 22 as International Mother Earth Day in 2009.

Earth Day Activities

Varied kinds of activities take place all over the world while celebrating the Earth Day. Let’s discuss about some of the most amazing activities.

Recyclable Games

You can collect newspapers, plastic bottles and cans. 3 bins should be labeled as Newspapers, Cans and Bottles. A line should be drawn and the containers should be placed 3-6 feet away from this line. Let the children to stand behind this line. Ask them to drop these containers in their respective bins. Whoever finishes first will be the winner.

Trash Recycling

Provide a bag and a pair of gloves to each child. They will have to collect trash from different places. After the collection is over ask them if they think any of those are trash are recyclable. Then these trashes can be kept in a different container so that they can be recycled.

Grocery Field Trip

Ask the children to collect plastic bags from different localities and submit them to the respective local grocery shops. You should give an effort to make the shopkeepers understand that plastic bags are bio-degradable products and they cannot be recycled.

Bottle Cap Recycling

Caps of drinking bottles can be recycled to game board markers for Bingo. Butterfly Garden type of bottle cap can be made to use it as a marker over the Bingo Cards. The Bingo cards can be printed on an 8.5 x 11 sheets which may be laminated by a shelf liner vinyl to use it once again.

Plant Projects

Cut a plastic bottle into half. Use the bottom part of the plastic bottle. Fill it with some soil and fix a new small plant with its roots in this. You will see this plant grow in some days. You can also establish a small organic garden and plant some new vegetables.

Special Classes on Environment

All institutions and eco-clubs should take initiatives on educating each and every person about the various products which are beneficial and harmful to the natural environment of the earth; what can be recycled and what are the bio-degradable products!

Earth Day 2015 is on 22nd April, Wednesday. Hope we would be able to make this as important as it is and will be inspiring different kind of Earth Day Recyclable Activities!