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Easter 2018

Easter Day, also known as the Easter Sunday, or the Resurrection Day, is the oldest and the most sacred festival of Christians of the world over. Commemorating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Easter is regarded as a grand and joyous festival of new optimism and vitality in life for making the life quite cheerful, creative, and meaningful. Its occurrence during the spring season, is another highly favorable factor, for making this holy and happy festival, utmost joyful, inspiring, and magnificent. Therefore, in this article, we are providing comprehensive and enlightening information about this great Christian festival, and also about all the things required for making the 2018 easter celebrations happiest and truly memorable. Every member of our globally prominent service organization wishes our visitors a very happy and cheerful easter 2018! Here, it may also be mentioned that our well-established and innovative service organization located in India has been offering its visitors and clients residing in countries of the world over, almost all things of general interest, for making them more aware of the modern world, entertaining them, and enabling them for living a highly progressive and prosperous life.

Information about easter dates 2018, and easter celebrations, is being provided in the lower section separately for more convenience to our Indian and global visitors. Our well-informed and adequately experienced organization has been offering information about easter greeting cards, easter gifts, easter crafts, easter parties, easter decorating stuff, easter games for kids, and ways of easter celebrations, for a long time every year, in order to make celebrations of this holy festival most colorful, satisfying, and creatively inspiring. Description regarding these objects connected with easter, is also given in the section below, to make easter holiday 2018 most glamorous. As usual, our decent and highly impressive e-cards for 2018 easter, are present in our website for being sent by you to your friends and relatives residing anywhere in the whole world.

Dates of Easter Holiday 2018

The date of Easter Day is movable; it is not celebrated every year on the same date. Generally, its observance date varies in between March 22 and April 25. However, Easter Day is always necessarily celebrated on any Sunday. This variation in the date of Easter Sunday is caused by the changing dates of the occurrence of the Paschal Full Moon. Easter Day is celebrated on the Sunday that comes after the sight of this paschal moon every year. Again, the date of Easter Day is different for the Western Christians following Gregorian calendar, and the Eastern Orthodox Christians who follow Julian calendar. Now, the date of easter 2018 is March 31, in the Gregorian calendar. The Eastern Orthodox Christians will celebrate Easter Day, after this date. Currently, the date of March 21 (vernal equinox) in the Julian calendar corresponds to the date of April 03 in the Gregorian calendar.

Happily celebrated after a forty-day long period of fasting, prayers, and penance, called Lent, Easter Day marks transition from death to life, from lethargy to enthusiasm, from weakness to great vigor, and from pessimism to bright optimism. Though the ways of celebrating Easter Day differ more or less in all across the world, some things are common everywhere. These are decorated easter eggs, chicks, white lilies, new outfits, rabbits, easter greeting cards, easter crafts, easter games, easter gifts, easter decoration, and easter party. Detailed information about these things associated with Easter Sunday is given separately for each in our websites. Today, the most pleasing and touching easter gifts are easter flower bouquets, easter gift baskets, traditional easter gifts, easter fresh fruit cakes, and some special and unique easter gifts and easter gift baskets. Any common easter gift basket generally contains chocolates, candies, crackers, fruit cake, gourmet delicacies, jelly beans, marshmallows, and other goodies. Easter flower bouquets containing a variety of fresh and lovely flowers such as roses of different hues, white lilies and other lilies, tulips, irises, daisies, and daffodils, are certainly highly impressive to persons of all ages. This sacred and highly auspicious festival of vitality and hopes, enliven by spring season, is also immensely suitable for partying, as easter party, organized indoors or outdoors. The most popular easter games for kids are easter egg hunts, rolling eggs, easter egg race, suspended eggs, and so on.