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Spanish deputize of EASTER ISLAND is ‘Isla Da Pascua’ moreover, in Polynesian language ‘Rapa Nui’. It lays distant deviant in the Pacific Ocean, profanely standard to ‘Tahiti’. It is headmost acclaimed for its cryptic voluminous stone sculptures which contemplate the tragic ascend and descend of Polynesian community. Bulky rock monoliths are recognized as MAOI. Sculptures are originated by brittle stones. Easter Island is genuinely, taintless, undisguised.

Easter Island is located 2,350 miles west of Chile, in the South Pacific Ocean. Easter Island is mainly brought up of three volcanoes (the headmost extensive 538m, 1756ft) the abysses are distanced near by quiet plateaus. The volcanoes are annihilated. The weather there exists subtropical the customary sum torridness is 22 degree Celsius. The precipitation category is 1,015 mm (40 inches a year).

Travelers should understand about Easter Island map before visiting the destination mark. The Pacific Ocean with its cheerful temperature, breathtaking coasts and delighted island way of life is a traveler’s zenith. Also comprehended as a traveler’s paradise, Along with as Oceania, the pacific domain embraces a plethora of Compact Island; each with its monopolizing diverse civility. Numerous of the most wondrous and distant islands in these areas are Easter Island, Galapagos Islands, Mariana island masque seas islands etc.


An adventures imagination to catechize island is terrific. You should wear sports shoe and should carry a water bottle with you always. If you like to visit historic places then it would prove beneficial. There are several legendary location places to visit.

Rapa Nui National park is a world heritage site located on Easter Island Chile. The park is a world heritage site located on Easter Island Chile. The park is divided into seven sections covering most of the island.

  • Hanga Rao
  • puna pao
  • rano raraku
  • anakena
  • ahu akivi
  • costa morte
  • Rano kau
  • Ballet Kari Kari, Hanga rao: An excellent dance show is performed by professionals.
  • Rano kau: Rano kau is a vast volcano in the southern part of the island. Rano kau has a crater lake which is one of the island’s only three natural substances of fresh water.
  • Ahu tongariki: Fifteen of the island’s esteemed statues situate here in military sequence up upon a horizontal rock platform.
  • Orongo: Orango is a reconstructed rock village.