Eid ul Fitr, often abbreviated as Eid, is a three day Muslim festival that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting. Eid means festivity while Fitr means the end of fast. The holiday is a celebration of the one month fast which continues from dawn to sunset. Although every country have their local wishes to greet each other on Eid, the greeting Eid Mubarak or Eid Sa’eed is the popular greeting used all around the globe. In Turkey, the typical greetin is ‘ Bayraminiz Kutli olsun’, which means they wish you a blesses Eid. Muslims forgive and forget the differences of the past with their fellows.

They read the Namaaz by gathering up in open areas, like fields, community centre’s etc or at mosques. The Eid prayer is followed by a sermon and then everyone seeks the forgiveness of Allah, His mercy, peace and blessings for the entire living beings al round the world. Another mandatory custom is to listen to the Khutbah of Eid. After finishing the prayers, the people visit their relatives, friends and acquaintances

Happy Eid Greetings Cards

Eid calls for celebration and revelry and since people meet up with their near and dear ones, they collect gifts and greetings for them. Though it is not customary, people believe when they visit their relatives on eid, they must carry a token of love to offer them. Thus begins the series of gifts giving and well wishing. An occasion for joy and peace, happy eid cards are available widely during this festival. The shops have a beautiful and large collection of cards to choose from, wishing each other happy eid. Eid wishes always are filed with love, blessings and goodness for the recipient and young people look forward to eid wishes from elders, as well as joyously impart their love and eid wishes to the elders.

Everyone is caught up thinking of eid gift ideas for their friends and family. Sweets are a must when you visit your people on Eid. Apparels are a popular eid gift all the time, as people always look forward to apparels. Electronic gadgets are a good idea for gifts if your budget is high. Video games and toys are desired by kids. Kids also look forward to the Eidi, which is given to children in the family on Eid. It consists of money. So when one is unable to decide what to get someone as a gift on Eid, they can always gift money, preferably in envelopes.

Dry fruits and chocolates are also a popular choice to take to someone’s place when visiting for eid. Wallet cards, eid magnets, crystal ornaments, canvas art and jewelry are again good eid gift ideas. Islamic toys, car hangings, Bukhoor, attar, special eid baskets, traditional handicrafts, new bangles, cakes, handmade gifts, metal gifts and wood craft gifts are other eid gift ideas in the Islamic culture.Kids spend a lot of time on hand made happy eid cards, which are given to close friends and family.