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Engagement Party

An engagement party is certainly of great importance in the life of both, future Bride and Groom. An engagement is a solemn decision and auspicious promise to marry. An engagement party is given to announce and celebrate this engagement, usually by bride’s parents, before the actual marriage. The date of the marriage ceremony may or may not be announced in an engagement party. During the period between the engagement and marriage (which varies as per the choice of the concerned people), the couple is known as engaged, engaged to be married, or affianced; and the future bride and groom are respectively called as fiancee and fiance.

The engagement party is a step forward to the colorful and happy married life, and is undoubtedly a highly cherished and exotic occasion of familial and social importance. Parents, family members, friends, relatives, neighbors, and persons of contact, are inevitably invited to such auspicious and happy occasion, to celebrate it and offer their sincere well-wishes to the engaged couple and their future prosperous married life.

Engagement parties are given in one’s unique and scintillating styles, to make it more festive, entertaining, touching, gratifying, and unforgettable, to the all persons concerned. Again, engagement parties are very often organized to celebrate the highlighted event of prior engagement, and the instances of a surprise announcement of such engagement by the father of the future bride during a normal party, are also very common. Moreover, engagement parties can be organized in a place of your choice and preference. It can happily be organized cozily and intimately at your own home, at a well-equipped and glamorous restaurant, or in a big luxurious hotel, or even at a seaside resort or barbeque. As an engagement party is a long-awaited, gregarious, and generous occasion in the life of parents, it must be planned very sensibly and scrupulously considering all important things, situations, circumstances, traditions and rituals, available resources, social prestige and status, and one’s moral and social obligations. Planning and organizing an engagement party essentially considers the engagement party invitations, creation of a highly amiable and solicitous ambiance, highly hospitable touching services to the honorable guests, most preferable and highly delectable food items and beverages at the engagement party, engagement party etiquette as per traditions and choice, engagement party dress, engagement party presents, engagement party games, highly entertaining and wholesome means of recreation and assurances of more harmonious relationship and better future to all invited guests.

Engagement Party Invitations

Engagement party invitations are the first thing which strikes, impresses, reflects your high social status and prestige, implies your imaginative thinking and elegant style, your awareness and dedication to your near and dear ones, and also the social obligations, and lastly your better and scintillating ways of living life magnificently. Therefore, wedding engagement party invitations must be designed and furnished very meticulously and intelligently, in order to make the engagement party, a celestial occasion of get-together, and memorable for lifetime. We are well-experienced in creating a variety of impeccable wedding engagement party invitations, excellently conducive to all the above mentioned lavish objectives.