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Festivals Around the World

Festivals are the occasions when people gather and share their joy and happiness to each other. There are a large number of festivals around the world which are celebrated with great enthusiasm. The celebration of festivals differs from one community to another and one country to another in this world. Some of festivals around the world are the same but the ways of celebration are different having local taste. Festivals like New Year and Christmas are celebrated all over the world but the ways of the celebrations of these festivals are different. The people of every country celebrate the festivals in their own ways and get relaxed from a long working & busy life.

The festivals around the world can be categorized into sub-categories like religious festivals, film festivals, music festivals, sports festivals, historic festivals, arts festivals, fairs etc. Religious festivals around the world like Good Friday, Easter, Id-Ul-Fitar, Holi, Diwali, and Christmas are very famous. Film festivals are organized all over the world and every country has its own film festivals but Cannes Film Festival is one of the famous festivals around the world.

Historic festivals are concerned with the historical events of a country and have a significant place in that country and some of them are celebrated across the country as national festivals. Sports festivals also have their own importance and every country has its own national game. Sports festivals like Cricket World Cup, FIFA World Cup, and Wimbledon Championship are very famous sports festivals around the world. There are various music groups in this world which show their performance but the music festival Glastonbury is famous across the world.


Celebrations Around the World

Lots of celebrations around the world are held. All the celebrations around the world bring joy and happiness to the people. The festivals of the world, according to Georgian Calendar, start with the celebration of New Year on the 1st January and end with the celebration of Christmas on the 25th December each year. It is hard to mention all the festivals of the world due to having a number of festivals in each country. So, we have mentioned here some of famous festivals around the world with date:

Festivals Date
New Year 1 January , Thursday
Holi 6 March , Friday
Good Friday 3 April , Friday
Easter 5 April , Sunday
Eid 19 July , Sunday
Diwali 11 November , Wednesday
Christmas December 25 , Friday