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Festivals in Argentina

2015-01-25Argentina is known as the party place. The festivals in Argentina are the same as the festivals all around the world with an Argentinean taste. There are various festivals in Argentina which are celebrated with great fun & entertainment. If you attend anyone of festivals in Argentina you will have a better understanding of its culture. Besides the religious festivals, there are several other festivals and events which are categorized as Film Festivals in Argentina, Music Festivals in Argentina, and Sports Festivals in Argentina. It doesn’t matter for the natives what are the types and scale of celebration of festivals, Argentineans celebrate each and every festival with great enthusiasm.

Argentina festivals & celebrations bring joy and happiness every year to the people in the country. Festivals in Argentina start with the celebration of New Year (Año Nuevo) and end with the celebration of Christmas (Navidad) each year. New Year, Good Friday, Easter, Independence Day, and Christmas are the festivals celebrated all over the country.

Film Festivals, Sports Festivals, Music Festivals, Carnival are seasonal and the dates for these festivals vary every year. Rock festivals, Pepsi Music Festivals, and Personal Fest are some of famous Music Festivals in Argentina. Sports Festivals in Argentina include every type of sports events happening in the country. The dates for Sports Festivals in Argentina are fixed by the concerned committee in association with international organizations. Famous Sports festivals in Argentina are Pan American Games, and Marathons. Buenos Aries Film Festival and Mar del Plata Film Festival are famous Film Festivals in Argentina which draw film makers across the globe. Buenos Aries Film Festival is organized in April while Mar del Plata Film Festival in March.

Argentina Celebrations 2015

Festival Argentina 2015 has started with the celebration of New Year on January 1 and end with the celebration of Christmas on December 25. We have listed some important festivals & celebrations of Argentina with the respective date just for your convenience:

Festivals Location Date
New Year National 1 January , Thursday
Malvinas Day National 2 April , Thursday
Good Friday National 3 April , Friday
Easter National 5 April , Sunday
Buenos Film Festival Buenos Aries 15-26 April
Labor Day National 1 May , Friday
May Revolution of 1810 National 25 May , Monday
Flag Day National 15 June , Monday
Independence Day National 9 July , Thursday
Anniversary of Saint Martin’s Death National 17 August , Monday
Oktoberfest Villa General Belgrano 19 September , Saturday
Columbus Day National 12 October , Monday
Christmas Eve National 24 December , Thursday
Christmas National 25 December , Friday