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Festivals in Australia

Festivals in Australia have become very common because a large number of festivals are celebrated here every year. Some of festivals Australia are celebrated at a very small scale and are based on a particular community while some are celebrated largely & attract international performers to show their performance. The festivals in Australia are celebrated to spread joy & happiness all around and grouped as religious festivals in Australia, music festivals in Australia, film festivals in Australia, sports festivals in Australia, and historic festivals in Australia. The festivals in Australia can also be grouped based on locations like festivals in Canberra, festivals in New South Wales, festivals in Queensland, and festivals in Tasmania etc.

Religious festivals in Australia are Christmas, Good Friday and Easter. Brisbane International Film Festival, Canberra International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Sydney Underground Film Festival are famous film festivals in Australia. Apollo Bay Music Festival, Canberra Country Music Festival, Darwin International Guitar Festival, and Melbourne International Jazz Festival are famous music festivals in Australia. Arts & Cultural festivals in Australia are Sydney Festival, National Multicultural Festival, Perth International Arts Festival, Brisbane Festival and Melbourne International Arts Festival. Australia has hosted a lot of sport events. Australia has hosted two times Common Wealth Games, once Cricket World Cup, and several other sports events.

Carols by Candlelight on Christmas Eve is one of the most popular festivals in Australia. Tulip Festival, Taste of Cowra, Australian Open Tennis Championship, and Australian Grand Prix are some examples of festivals/events in Australia. Australians get enjoyment from small event to a large event. They wait for every festival or event and when event or festival comes around they celebrate it with great zeal.

Australia Celebrations 2015

Celebrations in Australia bring a new hope to the people and spread festive season all around. Festivals Australia 2015 has started with the celebration of New Year on the 1st January and end with the celebration of Christmas on the 25th December. We have listed some of famous festivals in Australia with respective date:

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Festivals Date
New Year 1 January
Sydney Festival 5 January - 27January
National Multicultural Festival 13-15 February
Brisbane Festival 28 February 25 March
Perth International Arts Festival 10 February - 3 March
Adelaide Bank Festivals of Arts 27 February
Ten Days on the Island 20-29 March
Good Friday 3 April
Easter 5-6 April
Dreaming Festival 24 May
Christmas 25 December