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Festivals in Canada

Canada, the second largest country in area, is one of the famous tourist destinations. It shares its borders with the USA in the northwest & south, the Atlantic Ocean in the east, the Pacific Ocean in the west and the Arctic Ocean in the northwest. Festivals in Canada have a very important place at international level and are able to draw a large number of tourists each year. Canada hosts a lot of festivals which take place on various dates every year. Canada festivals are categorized into categories like Religious Festivals, Cultural Festivals, Children's Festivals, Film Festivals, Music Festivals, Comedy Festivals, Literary Festivals, and Fringe Festivals.

Religious festivals in Canada are festivals like Easter, Good Friday, and Christmas while historical festival in Canada is Canada Day which is celebrated on July 1 as the Independence Day. Cultural festivals show the culture of Canada. There are several cultural festivals in Canada but Calgary Stampede is the most famous and celebrated at Alberta in Canada. Other cultural festivals in Canada are Caribbean, Toronto; Festival du Voyageur, Winnipeg; Friendship Festival, Fort Erie; Muslim Fest, Toronto; Caribbean Days Festival, North Vancouver; and Folklore, Winnipeg. Calgary International Film Festival, Atlantic Film Festival, Festival des Films du Monde, Edmonton International Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, and St. John's International Women's Film Festival are the famous film festivals in Canada.

Canada hosts a lot of festivals for children too. Winnipeg International Children's Festival is the most famous Children’s Festival in Canada. Other Children’s festivals in Canada are Northern Saskatchewan International Children's Festival, Northern Alberta Int'l Children's Festival, Regina International Children's Festival, and Calgary Int'l Children's Festival. Beaches International Jazz Festival, Folk on the Rocks, and Montreal International Reggae Festival are famous music festivals in Canada. There are several other festivals in Canada which also attract a lot of people to get emerged in. If you want to visit Canada, plan according to the dates of festivals in Canada and enjoy your trip to Canada.

Canada Celebrations 2015

Festivals in Canada have their own importance & spread festive environment across the country. Canada festivals 2015 start with the celebration of New Year on the 1st June and end with the celebration of New Year Eve on the 31st December. It is hard to mention each & every festival or event which is going to be held. So, we have listed the major festivals of Canada.

Festivals Location Date
New Year National 1 January
Groundhog Day National 2 February
Valentine’s Day Across the country 14 February
Good Friday Across the country 29 March
Canada Day Across the country 1 July
Labor Day Across the country 7 September
Thanksgiving Day Across the country 12 October
Halloween Across the country 31 October
Christmas Eve Across the country 24 December
Christmas Across the country 25 December
Boxing Day In some areas 26December