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Festivals in France

Festivals bring joy & happiness to everyone and offer opportunities to celebrate & get relaxed from a long working schedule. French are very fashionable and take enjoyment from a little party to festivals celebrated at a large scale. Festivals in France vary in forms and shapes which are modern & ancient in terms of origination. The festivals in France are categorized into categories like Fairs in France, Sports Festivals in France, Film Festivals in France and sacred festivals in France. Each and every festival celebrated in France has its own features whether the festival is celebrated at a small scale or a large scale or in a particular city or all over France. New Year, Feast of Assumption, All Saints’ Day, Saint Martin's Day, Easter, Winter Holidays, Christmas are some of major festivals in France which are celebrated at a large scale but festivals like Cannes Film Festival, Nice Carnival are celebrated at a small scale having their own uniqueness. French festivals start with the celebration of New Year on January 1 and end with the celebration of Christmas on December 25 every year.

Some of festivals of France are as old as France itself. The Transhumance and Chocolate Festival are the examples of oldest festivals in France. France organizes a lot of sports festivals which dates are fixed by the concerned sports committee in association with International organization. France also hosts a large number of film festivals. Cannes Film Festival is regarded as a unique festival in France having an important place at international level. Other France film festivals are Amiens International Film Festival, Annecy Italian Film Festival, Deauville Asian Film Festival, and Creteil International Women's Film Festival. Nice Carnival at Nice has also its own importance and affects a lot on the people of France & the world. People from other country come to France in February to see Nice Carnival.

France Celebrations 2015

Celebrations in France bring comfort to the French from a long working & busy life. People wait for festivals to come around and make their arrangements based on the dates of festivals in France. Festival France 2015 starts with the celebration of New Year and ends with the celebration of Christmas including every event. We have listed some of important festivals & events of France here. Take a look below:

Festivals Place Date
New Year All over France January 1
Nice Carnival Nice (Riviera) 13February- 1March
Grenoble Jazz Festival Grenoble (near Lyon) 1 - 19 March
Easter Sunday All over France 5 April
Easter Monday All over France 6 April
Festival of Gardens Chaumont-sur-Loire April–October
Cannes Film Festival Cannes 13May - 24 May
Anniversary of D-Day Landing Normandy 6 June
International Music Festival Colmar (Alsace) 19 – 21 July
Chorégies d'Orange Music
and Opera Festival
Orange (Provence) July–early August
Bastille Day Across France 14 July
International Fireworks Festival Cannes Late July- early Aug
Feast of the Assumption Across France 15 August
Fall Arts Festival Paris September
Grape Harvest Festival Paris 7-11 October
All Saints' Day All over France 1 November
Saint Catherine's Day Paris 25 November
candlelit windows Lyon (near French Alps) 5-8 December
Saint Nicholas' Day Across France 6 December
Winter Holidays Across France 14 February - 22 February
Christmas Across France 25 December
Christmas Eve Across France 31 December