Festivals in USA

Festivals in USA are the great source of getting enjoyment. As Americans are rich, so take pleasure in celebration of any event or festival. They wait very eagerly for forthcoming festival or event and when event or festival comes around; they get into the celebration of that festival or event. USA festivals are categorized into categories like religious festivals, seasonal festivals, science festivals, sports festivals, storytelling festivals, pagan festivals, music festivals, harvest festivals, flower festivals, film festival, arts festivals, folk festivals, beer festivals, and alternative festivals

Religious festivals in USA are Creation Festival, Life Light Festival, Cornerstone Festival, and Christmas. Famous Science Festival in USA is World Science Festival which is held in New York. Apple Blossom Festival and Apple Harvest Festival are famous seasonal festivals in USA. Heartland Pagan festival is also famous in USA. Apple Jam Music Festival, Atlantic Music festival, Country Concert are examples of some famous music festivals in USA. In this way, there are a large number of festivals to celebrate in USA.

But, there are some festivals which are celebrated at a large scale and lots of people participate to celebrate them whether they are religious or historical or other than religious & historical. The major festivals in USA are New Year, Valentine Day, Martin Luther Day, Good Friday, Easter, Independence Day, Labor Day, Halloween Day and Christmas.

USA Celebrations 2015

The natives of the USA try to get enjoyment from each & every event whether it is religious or non-religious. The USA festivals 2015 have started with the celebration of New Year on the 1st January and end with the celebration of Kwanzaa which starts from December 26. Here, we have mentioned major festivals or events of USA for your convenience:

Festivals Place Date
New Year National 1 January
Martin Luther King Day National 19 January
Valentine Day   14 February
President Day National 16 February
Saint Patrick’s Day In some areas 17 March
Fool’s Day   1 April
Good Friday   3 April
Pass Over   3 April - 11 April
Easter National 5 - 6 April
Mother’s Day   10 May
Memorial Day National 25 May
Father’s Day   21 June
Independence Day National 4 July
Labor Day National 7 September
Columbus Day National 12 October
Halloween Day   31 October
Veteran Day National 11 November
Thanksgiving Day   26 November
Christmas National 25 December
Kwanzaa African community 26 December - 1 January