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Halloween is a famous festival in many Western countries, celebrated on the October 31, every year. The most common traditional activities performed for celebrating this exciting and exotic festival are trick-or-treating, dressing up, home decoration, carving jack-o’-lanterns and bonfires, playing Halloween games, and organizing, and attending Halloween costume parties.

Halloween is a very popular and exotic festival for adults and children alike, celebrated with great enthusiasm, entertainment, and joy. Homes and houses are decorated in the traditional and favorite colors of black and orange, to give these scary or amusing, or ridiculous looks, for the creation of haunted houses or kid-friendly ambiance. Halloween decorations create festive atmosphere and set mood for Halloween celebration with flying colors.

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With the availability of a wide range of Halloween costumes, dressing up is certainly a vital part of celebrating this festival for the most people, and for children, it is surely the most impressive activity. Trick-or-treating is another most popular way of celebrating Halloween for children. Halloween dresses and costumes are so popular that more than 30% of these are bought during the summer months from June – September every year.

Today, a wide variety of Halloween costumes is available for children and adults, and for various types of situations. Striking, exciting, and exotic Halloween costumes are meticulously designed under the categories of children’s Halloween costumes, adult Halloween costumes, Halloween costumes for couples, and group Halloween costumes. Halloween costumes are simulated those worn by fabulous, mythical, and supernatural figures like monsters, vampires, ghosts and ghouls, witches, bats, devils, and so on. Halloween dresses and costumes are also modeled after the famous characters of popular fictions, princesses, and celebrities.

Halloween costume parties are organized generally in the vicinity or on the October 31, the usual day being Friday or Saturday. Dunking or apple bobbing is the most popular Halloween party game, while the telling of scary stories and watching horror films are most common activities of Halloween parties, in most of the countries celebrating Halloween.

The most prominent and popular Halloween recipes are Candy apples, Candy corn, Candy pumpkins, Caramel apples, Caramel corn, Bonfire toffee, Barmbrack, Colcannon, and many more.

History of Halloween

Today, Halloween is one of the famous and popular festivals of many western countries including Scotland, Ireland, America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, other European countries, and some countries of East Asia. Celebrations of Halloween vary from countries to countries more or less, but many things are common in all countries celebrating Halloween. Halloween festival is one of the most famous and popular festivals of America.

History of Halloween festival traces its origin to the ‘Samhain’ Celtic festival of Ireland. But, the Halloween festival of today is a blend of ancient Celtic practices, European traditions, and the religious customs and rituals of the Catholic and Roman communities.