One of the most popular festivals of India, holi is a special day for everyone to express love with colors. The colorful festival of India is celebrated with gaiety and enthusiasm, a triumph of good over evil and it arrives on Phalgun Purnima on the full moon day in February end or early march as per the Gregorian calendar. Let’s enjoy religious spirit of this colorful festival and experience a lot of joy and fun while playing holi to each other. Amazingly, Holi is really a wonderful excitement and amusement best seen in the youngsters, then we should be really cautious while playing holi, use natural colors doesn’t let them enter the mouth or eyes. Playing holi and putting gulal on each other face to show affection and love to loving and dear ones. Holi is filled with so much pleasure and fun to drop smile and thrill amongst youths. Delicious food and sweets, traditional dance, color spray are the most important attractions of holi, which bring great joy and mirth, fun and play, music and dance, and, of course, lots of bright colors. Why holi festival 2015 is so popular that everyone enjoy every moment of this colorful festival in various styles. What is amazingly celebration of holi so colorful, unique and special in term of religious spirit celebrated in every part of the whole world, wherever it is celebrated?

Happy Holi Wishes

Happy holi is a hearty wish for dear and loving ones. How can you give happy holi wishes to your family, friends and dear and loving ones? Holi greetings to all friends and color lovers may be great greetings and wonderful holi cards on the colorful festival. You should give happy, prosperity wishes and business achievements in the evening of holi. This colorful festival brings colours of peace, prosperity and happiness to you and your family members. Do you know, why we celebrate holi and how can you wish happy holi to your dear and loving ones? Holi signifies the victory of 'good' over 'evil, so it is celebrated with great religious spirit in every corner of the world. Prickly flow from Pitchkari, various colours with powdery gulal, putting gulal on each other face, organizing and celebrating parties, eating and feeding gujiya and mithais, saying, This is very wonderful style to wish happy holi or a grand celebration of holi in loud tone and gulping glasses of thandai from time to time. All the members of family, friends and dear and loving ones greet each other and play the happy and prosperous holi. A real true and great care relation between two dear ones should speak loud, a soft and hearty message is just lovely way to express the heartiest feelings. Surprising and amazingly, you should enjoy this festival with lots of fun.