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Honeymoon Trends

Honeymoons too have changed now, and are different slightly and greatly from what these used to be in the past. Desires and expectations are now more elevated, and there is an increased tendency for more luxurious accommodations and hedonism. New and more exotic options for making honeymoons more enjoyable and satisfying, are being explored day-by-day. Now people are getting attracted towards the reports and reviews of Travel 2.0 websites for their future travels, honeymoon trips, and other holiday vacations within a country or abroad. Below are described the popular and top honeymoon trends in all around the globe.

The latest and top honeymoon trends opt for and prefer the following projects and activities:

  • Destination Weddings, Wedding-cum-Honeymoon Packages: Now-a-days destination weddings are being more and more popular. This also helps in saving expenses to be incurred in the case of separate wedding and honeymoon. Therefore, today, wedding-cum-honeymoon packages at any desired destinations are becoming increasingly availed of.
  • All-Inclusive Longer Honeymoons: The current honeymoon trends are in the favor of longer honeymoons of 10-12 days (before it used to be 5-7 days). And, reasonably charged and all-inclusive honeymoon trends are in vogue all across the world. Again, Honeymooning is being preferred in countries other beyond the European Union, owing to the unfavorable dollar-to-Euro exchange rate. South America and Eastern Europe have emerged out as favorable alternative to the countries of EU.
  • Cruise Honeymoons: Cruise honeymoons in Egypt, Europe, America, Caribbean Islands, and Hawaii Islands are the latest honeymoon trends. Previously majority of the top honeymoon sports used to be historic, scenic, and cultural cities and places of the world, at some hotels and resorts. Most of the major cruise lines of United States have their charges set in US Dollar, and they pass through the evergreen European honeymoon destinations of Venice, Barcelona, and Monte Carlo.
  • Emphasis on Pleasure and Luxury Harvesting: Honeymooners are now become more extravagant regarding honeymoon expenditures, and greater fond of luxury and pleasures. Preference to swimming in a private plunge pool, deluxe luxury hotels, African Safaris, and other refined luxury and things of creature comforts, are in vogue. While the people of average financial and social status like to have private dinners, round the clock butler services, and special honeymoon deals in the medium to top honeymoon spots within and beyond one’s country. Honeymooning couples are now foster the propensity to avail and enjoy some sporting and hedonistic activities like scuba diving, kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, casino gambling, and so on.
  • Inclination to Beach Resorts: Lazing on the beach beds in the open air at locations completely secluded from public, is being increasingly liked by the modern honeymooning couples. Many beach resorts in the top honeymoon spots have the exclusive facilities for king-sized beach beds for two, equipped with cushion pillows and beautiful & safe curtains for privacy.

About Honeymoon Gateway

The honeymoon gateways enhance, enrich, and make memorable the experiences, pleasures, and memories of celestial and exotic honeymoons on earth. The all-time favorite and evergreen honeymoon spots of the world are Caribbean Islands, Hawaii Islands, Mexico, European countries, South Africa, South-east Asia, and America. These top honeymoon spots of the world have everything to make honeymooners utmost satisfied, invigorated, and replenished with energy and enthusiasm to confront their eventful future married life boldly and bravely.

Top Honeymoon Spots 2013

The dream honeymoon spots in conformity with the current and top honeymoon trends 2013 are the following:

  • Caribbean Sandals Resorts
  • The Meridian Club, Turks and Caicos
  • Peter Island Resort, British Virgin Islands
  • Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, Hawaii, US
  • Hotel de Crillon, France (Paris)
  • Copacabana Palace, Brazil
  • Elounda Beach Hotel and Villas, Greece
  • Burj al Arab, UAE (Dubai)
  • Amandari, Indonesia
  • Fiji Honeymoon Spots
  • Tahiti Honeymoon Spots
  • Belize Honeymoon Spots