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When Romance is in the air…

A honeymoon is basically a kind of a holiday taken by newlyweds to commence the start of a new life together, simply put it describes the period after the wedding has taken place when things are supposed to be the most romantic and at their sweetest. Historically the earliest references to it have been as long back as in the early 15th century.

Even though a lot of people think that honey moons is basically a western tradition but what they don’t know is that it originated in the western culture as late as the 19th century and had basically been borrowed by the Britishers from the Indian Aristocracy or royalty who used to go for special family tours in which the bride and groom used to travel to various relatives places, where they would be treated in a royal manner. Traditionally honeymoons are supposed to start on the night of the marriage and some of the most popular destinations are the French Riviera and Italy and also romantic cities like Rome, Venice etc. In the western culture the bride and groom usually leave mid-way through the reception.

In the modern times honeymoons are considered a pure holiday taken by newly married couples and instead of being month long, they are usually no more than a week.

Tips for honeymoon

Now-a-days couples usually choose various honeymoon packages to go with their honeymoon program and which comprise of various honeymoon tours, stays at hotels and also options for various romantic getaways.

Today, people’s idea of a romantic honey moon consists of booking secluded and out of the way honeymoon resorts etc where they even have options of personalized services, massages, spa treatments etc.

For couples honeymoon ideas usually consist of romantic candle light dinners, adventure sports together, booking cabins on cruise ships or spending the weekend at specially designed honeymoon suites.

Top honeymoon Destinations

The very idea of a romantic walk with your partner along a beach or sitting together in front of a fire place in a remote mountain lodge, snorkeling with underwater creatures or simply visiting tiny French café’s in old towns make way for great honeymoon ideas. Thus it becomes very important for the couple to choose their destination carefully, depending on the kind of holiday and honeymoon they would like to spend.

From Rome with its classical mythology, mythical mountains and romantic gardens to Hawaii with its lush green landscapes and sea beaches and mountains and meadows as well as abundant rain forests.

Closer home we in India we have Goa, the Andaman’s, the backwaters of Kerala and the Monument of love, that is, the Taj Mahal.

People interested in the mountains and snow can go to the slopes of Manali and to places like McLeod’s Ganj, Dharamshala etc and they can take the pleasure of visiting and seeing various different cultures interacting and blending as well as have the romantic getaway they want.