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Independence Day

Independence Day…We love India!

15th of August 1947- the day when India became a sovereign nation is celebrated all over the country in a huge way. The most essential part of this celebration lies in flag hoisting in every part of the country. Starting from the school still the orphanages host the flag of India and salutes Mother India. The main event takes place in New Delhi, where the Prime Minister hoists the flag at Red fort and gives a speech highlighting upon the achievements of India during these years.

Independence Day Greetings

The Independence Day is a national holiday for India. Indians follow a number of ways to celebrate this occasion. It’s our FREEDOM…Why shouldn’t we celebrate?

Every school and college has flag hoisting on this day. Even if it is a holiday, the students come for this occasion to school. Generally functions like songs, dance and many more activities are done based on the theme of Independence Day. Sometimes sports are also conducted on this particular day.

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On this day every bit of India is saffron and every person wants to celebrate this day doing a noble cause. As for example many big celebrities and sometimes even the mass contribute to the old age homes and orphanages with money and other amenities and gifts.

As it is a holiday, every person is in a party mood. They celebrate Independence Day with the spirit of freedom. Some people paint their faces with the colour of the Indian flag and go to the parties. They say “Vande Mataram” or “We love India” and cheer on the roads riding their bikes on.

In different localities different competitions like painting, singing and dancing competitions are being organized. Somewhere even photography competitions are also conducted as for example any best photographic element that takes out the essence of Independent India will be the special one to win prizes.

That’s the specialty of India. Every Indian participates in her Independence. Independence is Freedom…Freedom is India…and that’s how the spirit goes…Vande Mataram!