Krishna Janmashtami, also known simply as Janmashtami, is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna, an avatar of Hindu deity Lord Vishnu. It is joyously celebrated not only in India, but also among people all over the world. The birthplace of Lord Krishna, Mathura is flooded with people of Indian and international nationality, to watch the grand Krishna Janmashtami celebration. Vrindavan and Dwarka also have a lot of visitors as Lord Krishna is said to have lived there at several stages of his life.

Lord Krishna is the most celebrated and glorious incarnation of Lord, and reminds us all of great pomp and is a manifestation if joy and fervor, of manly pleasures. He is the only Lord who is associated with many romantic alliances. Since Lord Krishna was so luxurious and splendid, the Janmashtami celebration is also filled with splendor and pomp. Since butter was Lord Krishna’s favorite, it is offered to Him on Lord Krishna’s Janmashtami. All sweets made for this auspicious day, have milk and curd as their main ingredients. The srikhand is a favorite sweet of Lord Krishna as many believe. Mouth watering and delicious dishes are served to the Lord. August 10th is the date for Krishna Janmashtami 2015.

Krishna Janmashtami Greetings Cards

Indeed, Lord Krishna’s charm and leelas have drawn a lot of devotees to him, along with several sages and seers who pay homage to him. The Holy Book of Hindus, The Bhagvad Gita comes from the Lord, and is the one truth which prevails. The message Lord Krishna depicts the prevalence of good over evil, as He destroyed his evil uncle, Kans. This occasion is celebrated with great fervor among his devotees, who send Krishna Janmashtami greetings to each other, along with well wishes and wishes for prosperity. They pray for each other’s joy and prosperity. Beautiful Krishna Janmashtami greetings cards are available around the season, in several card shops. Amazing designs are also available online, which are more convenient. The beautiful pictures of Lord Krishna drawn on those cards are very captivating. As Janmashtami wishes, people also send precious gifts to their loved ones.

Krishna Janmashtami celebration mostly lasts two days in India, where the days are celebrated very delightfully, and Janmashtami celebrations reach their peak at midnight, when Lord Krishna was born.

The festival starts with devotees fasting on the occasion, which is usually waterless. The day is spent being submerged in Lord Krishna’s glory by reciting his divine leelas. After the midnight, when Lord is cradled and conch shells are blown, then devotees sing and hail the glory of the Lord, by enchanting his name.

The most interesting Janmashtami celebration obviously is the ritual of Dahi Handi. The handi containing dahi is hung from a rope at the top, and a human pyramid has to break it, while onlookers try to stop them from breaking it by throwing water on the pyramid of boys. This culture is prevalent in Maharashtra, where one can see this ritual on every street.