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Labor Day

Labor Day is celebrated on the 1st May in most countries of the world except USA. Labor Day, a yearly holiday in America, is celebrated on the first Monday in September. Labor Day is celebrated to honor the workers’ social & economic achievements. It marks the end of summer in America and the people of America think it as the last opportunity to go outside of the house. It is the national holiday. So, all educational institutes, offices are closed and no work takes place on the day except essential works. People do lots of activities on Labor Day. They make a trip on the date, organize parties and make fire to crackers. Some take rest in their homes while some prefer to go out and make arrangements on picnic. Parades take places and speeches are made by labor union leaders.

Labor Day History

History of Good Friday

Each country celebrating Labor Day has its own history behind the celebration. It is hard to describe the history of each country. So, we describe the history of USA behind the celebration of Labor Day. Labor Day history is more than hundred years old in America. The first celebration of Labor Day held on August 26, 1878 in Boston in America which was organized by New York’s Central Labor Union. It was recognized as national holiday in 1894 after the deaths of various workers by the USA military in the Pullman Strike. The contemporary President Grover Cleveland started to keep a good relationship with labor movement in America. The congress passed a bill and approved the day (after six days of the Pullman Strike) as Labor Day. The first Monday in September was mainly selected by the Central Labor Union of New York. All the states of America accepted it as a holiday and since then the first Monday in September has been celebrated as Labor Day in America. A street parade was made by workers and their families to offer strength spirit to Labor Day. It became part & partial of Labor Day celebration.

When is Labor Day 2015?

Labor Day date changes every year. Labor Day is fixed in most of countries which falls on the 1st May every year but Labor Day date is not fixed in America. Its day is fixed which falls on the first Monday in September but its date changes each year. Labor Day is on the 7th September in 2015 while Labor Day 2014 falls on Monday, September 1st, 2014.