Celebrated as the crop festival, Lohri is a hopeful festival of Punjab also said as breadbasket region of India. Every year it comes on the date of January 13th and celebrated with immense keenness and fun. The Lohri festival particularly celebrated between the farmer that carries joy and commitment to them. You can also say that it is also connected with the harvesting of Rabi corps and end of winter season. Traditionally, the people extend their prayers and thanks to God for carrying prosperity for them and also for every person whom they much loved. With the kindness of love and gladness, the Lohri celebration may be greatest festival for you to make merry with your dear ones in this frigid weather.

Happy Lohri Cards

Lohri is not only considered as festival for Punjabi folks, it is a mark of life. It comes with ample hopes to the farmers as promising of bringing golden yield. The newly weds couple as well as all couple who have new born also celebrate this festival with great romance and wish for bringing prosperity in their life. Today, there have some changing regards of festival. It has noticed that most people celebrate this festival only for get mutually and expend time with family and nearer one. Traditionally, people get together around the fire in the night of Lohri days and also the till, rice and popcorn put into the fire. At this time prayers also present to find the success and wealth. Dancing and singing with folks song is also the part of this festival.

The Lohri 2015 may come with lots of expectation and carrying fortune to the people. It is a time to bhangra, gidda and flirtation. The Punjabi people used to serve dinner to guest and also take liquor on the night of Lohri. Apart from all of these the happy Lohri wishes get important place on this festival. The people used to wish and sending sms to their nearest one. The happy Lohri cards are also wonderful ways to wish your loved one. Just send this card with written of auspicious words and share the magic of festival. You can get also expression over the good times with family and friends. The cards with heartfelt message will also inspired your loved one and also feel special themselves. Don’t be late, just bring such types of cards and send your dear one. Find out the cards also online with marvelous animation and send it via mail. It may be also great way to convey your truth feelings.