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Make Up

Make up is an art and is being used by men as well as women since time immemorial. In ancient era also women used to use betel leaf to color their lips and scented water to give a fresh eel to their body and skin. It is very important to know the application of various make up products to get a best possible result according to the skin type, shape of the face, color of the skin, etc.

It is recommended to take best make up tips from the professionals before applying it themselves. Free make up tips are given by many salons and online portals. They provide free make up tips, hair makeup tips, face makeup tips, nails makeup tips and natural makeup tips to young girls aspiring to become beauticians or to the clients.

Eye Make up Tips

Eyes are the first that people notice on a face. They should be expressive. In case they are not, they can be made by using effective eye make up skills.







  • Eyebrows should be given a proper shape as it highlights the eyes and make them look more attractive. It is important to note that one knows what style will suit her face and accordingly eyebrows must be plucked;
  • Eyeliner, eye shadow and mascara must be applied in a skilful way to make the eyes more expressive. The eye make up tips should be learned from professionals before trying on your own.
  • Eye make up can also be used to give an enhanced look to the eyes in case they are very small and sunken.

Lips Make up Tips

Looking at the lips of heroines makes us wish to have similar kind of lips ourselves. One needs to be satisfied with the looks given to them by God but at the same time, following some simple lips make up tricks can do wonders with the appearance.

  • Lip liners must always be used to outline the lips as they five a definite boundary to the lips. Once lip liner is used to outline the lips, lip color of one’s choice can be filled in.
  • In case, lips are very thin, they can be shown to be plumper by filling the color little outside the lips and making an outline with lip color, Converse holds true in case of very plump lips.
  • Lip color must be used on the basis of skin color, lip size, time of the day and whether going for a formal or an informal get together.
Face Make up Tips

With beautiful skin, beautiful skin starts. Following some face make up tips can do wonders for the face.

  • The first and foremost step is to clean, tone and moisturize the face before any make up is applied on it.
  • After CTM, foundation must be evenly spread on the face. It can be in powder form or liquid form. Blend it properly.
  • Translucent powder can be applied after foundation with gentle hands.
  • Now is the time for eye makeup which should be done very carefully as not to smudge this make up.
  • Use blush on the cheeks for radiant appearance;
  • The last step is to apply lipstick.
  • Nail Make up Tips
  • Nails should be thoroughly cleaned before applying nail color;
  • A slim appearance can be given to the nails by nail color;
  • Avoiding biting nails.

When above tips are used for make up, one can certainly get a mesmerizing beauty.