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Merry Christmas 2018

Our globally prominent and popular service organization located in India, wishes all Christians of the world over, a very happy and Merry Christmas 2019! In this highly informative and glamorous article, we are providing comprehensive and highly enlightening information about this great festival of Christians, the ways of celebrating it, things closely associated with its traditional and modern celebrations, date of christmas 2019 (for different communities of Christians), and our services for making the christmas 2019 happiest and magnificent. Detailed information about when is christmas 2019, is given separately in the lower section, for more convenience to our Indian and global visitors and clients, along with other significant information about christmas celebrations.

Christmas is considered as the second greatest festival of Christians, after the most sacred Easter Sunday. Celebrated every year by about 400 million people residing in all across the world, Christmas is certainly a global festival, and one of the most popular festivals of the whole world. This joyous and noble festival celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, and spreads messages of Jesus among people of the society in general. Thus, Christmas is celebrated to promote great religious faith, love and compassion, fraternity, optimism, nobility, and benevolent generosity. The season of Christmas is outstanding for family get-togethers, collective feasting and entertainment, personal and social parties, building harmonious relationships with friends and relatives, professional and corporate parties, and exotic holidays (known as the Christmas holidays). Thus, Christmas is truly a great festival for making people cordial and kind, mellow and generous, happy, and optimistic, for prospering fast in life.

When is Date of Christmas Day 2019

The majority of Christians celebrate Christmas on December 25, every year. But, the followers of Orthodox Churches, and the Armenians of Jerusalem and the Holy Land, celebrate Christmas on January 6 or 7, and on January 19, respectively. Therefore, christmas day 2019 for most of the Christians of the world falls on Wednesday, December 25. And, the Orthodox Christmas Day will be on Tuesday, January 07, 2019.

Highly exciting and joyful season of Christmas is especially suitable for festivities, feasts, parties, and exotic holidays. Though the ways of celebrating Christmas vary from regions to regions, some traditions are common everywhere. An essential part of Christmas celebrations are decoration of home and other buildings and the Christmas tree, glamorous displaying of various Christmas symbols and stockings, creation of Nativity scenes, collective singing of Christmas carols, Church celebrations, giving of gifts, and sumptuous Christmas feast or party. For a long time our firm has been providing highly refined and precious information about christmas decorations including christmas tree decoration, popular and most impressive christmas gifts, most commonly popular christmas carols in countries situated worldwide, christmas games for kids and adults, ideas for superb and memorable christmas parties, most prominent destinations for christmas holidays, and highly touching and impressing christmas cards, in our easily accessible websites. We every year provide a rich collection of striking and highly impressive christmas greeting cards and e-cards, for online sending to friends and relatives. But, to enjoy the Christmas most, complete all decorations and preparations well before the christmas eve 2019!

Recipes like Apple Cinnamon Glazed Turkey, scalloped Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole, Glazed Ham, Cranberry Sauce, etc., can also be cooked, in addition to the traditional cuisines and recipes for catering to the Christmas parties. Today, the most prominent and preferred destinations for Christmas holidays abroad are Caribbean and Canary Islands, Switzerland, France, Dubai, UK, India, Sri Lanka, and other countries of North America, Europe, and Africa. Such holidays are generally for duration of two weeks, and cover both Christmas and New Year celebrations. As far as Christmas games are concerned, today there are available a rather wide-range of online and offline games for both kids and adults. The most famous and interesting christmas games available online are Santa's World Tour, Santa Claus Room Decor, Trim-a-tree, Christmas Word Jumble, Christmas Jigsaw Puzzle, Candy cane Drag & Drop, etc. At last, we wish all your family members, friends, neighbors, colleagues, relatives, officials, and business clients, an immensely revitalizing and Merry christmas 2019!