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Mother's Day

2015-05-10 Mother is the phrase that is synonymous to warmth and love. A mother dedicates her life to us, so we should celebrate at least a day as Mother's Day. A mother doesn't demand much. Little things can make her happy. Mother's Day is a celebrated to honor mothers and motherhood, maternal bonding, and the importance of mothers in society. It is celebrated on different days in many parts of the world, yet generally in March, April, or May. For example in U.S., India, Pakistan, Canada , Australia , brazil; Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in month of May i.e., on 10 may 2015, and in other countries like Austria , Honk Kong, Netherlands and Spain, mother’s day 2015 will be on 10 may 2015. Although child’s mere presence fills the mother’s heart with pleasure but wishing her ‘Joyous Mother's Day’ will simply make her swoon with joy.

Mother's Day Activities

Along with siblings, cousins and friends one can organize a skit on Mother’s Day. This will be very entertaining for the mother and she will feel special, for being a play hosted only for her. Surprising her with hidden talents which you possess by which she will feel proud to be your mother. A great idea is to organize a special interview for your Mother or Grand Mother on Mother’s Day. We can call it "Coffee with Mother" or any other name. If you have a digital camera, capture and record the event. This will help you to know more about your mother, by asking her about her childhood days, friends, and teachers. Also you can ask her, how and when she met your father, best moments of her life. This is could be a nice way to make your mom feel special on her day. Do not forget to express your love and feelings for her. And if your parents are not living with you, organize a get together over lunch, dinner or tea party with all your siblings with their families. You can also invite her friends and their families and host a Grand Mothers Day party. Note that your mother’s favorite food is included in the menu; also remember to play her favorite music.

Happy Mother's Day Cards

A ‘Mother Day’ wish will not be that much exciting without Mothers day cards. One should find some exciting gifts for Mothers day. A gift should be such that she cherishes it all her life. A Happy Mother’s day card expresses the feeling more impressively than the spoken words. Also add mothers’ day quotes which will surely make Mothers day celebration complete which will also give an emotional touch to you celebration. Mother's Day cards will convey what you actually feel for her but cannot express. An example of a quote is as follows:

“If the whole world put into one scale, and my mom in the other, the whole world would kick the beam.”