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Sandals Resorts

The sandals resorts offer elusive and exclusive amenities and facilities for fabulous and unforgettable sojourns to people with diverse objectives. More than 10 world-famous and best sandals resorts are nestled cozily in the four Caribbean Islands of Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bahamas, and Antigua. These extremely scenic and exotic sandals resorts of Caribbean Islands are immensely prominent and popular for luxurious Honeymoon Trips, All-Year Round Holiday Vacations, New Year Destinations, Beach Holidays, and Resort Wedding destinations by people of all across the world.

The Sandals Resorts is one of the most globally renowned and impressive operator companies for All-Inclusive Resorts in the Caribbean, and other parts of the world. Based in the Montego Bay of Island Jamaica, the sandals resorts is a constituent part of world-famous Sandals Resorts International (SRI). Well-established sandals resorts international offers comprehensive and exclusive information and vacation deals regarding all-inclusive sandals resorts (sandals resorts for couples, sandals resorts family, sandals resorts for kids, etc.) and beach resorts located in all around the world. At present, sandals resorts provides vacation facilities for a total of 15 (fifteen) top and best sandals resorts of the world, which are exclusive to couples only, with no kids.

These world-class sandals resorts are situated in Jamaica (eight sandals resorts), St. Lucia (three sandals resorts), Bahamas (two sandals resorts), one sandals resort in Antigua, and one in the Varadero of Cuba.

Sandals Resort Reviews

The sandals resorts in the Caribbean Islands attract and enthrall a large number of couples, families, tourists, holiday vacationers, and holiday resort revelers all round the year from every part of the globe. Situated in the Islands of Jamaica, St. Lucia, Bahamas, and Antigua, have all possible amenities, facilities, and services (most of these being mentioned below) for making the holiday vacations and the cherished sojourns of all sorts of people, most gratifying and memorable for lifetime. Apart from the lavish luxury and solicitous hospitality services at the sandals resorts, there are extra-exotic and impressive facilities available at each sandals resorts such as spa, private swimming pool, fitness center, candlelit gourmet dining, regional and tropical drinks, beachfront locations, scuba diving, many water-sports facilities, and entertainment resources.

Each of the following all-inclusive sandals resorts in Caribbean Islands, has wide and far-flung white sandy beaches, tropical and congenial weather all round the year, bright sunshine and seductive warmth, peaceful and comely aquamarine sea, limpid turquoise waters, lovely sunsets, spectacular scenic surroundings, spa and fitness centre, and well-rounded and luxurious amenities and facilities at the sandals resort. Easily likeable and cherished Water-sports (including sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving, water skiing, and kayaking) and Land Sports (such as volleyball, tennis, etc.) facilities are also available additionally for cloying enjoyment and satisfaction to the visitors.

sandals resorts in Jamaica:

  • sandals Whitehouse
  • sandals Negril
  • sandals Montego Bay
  • sandals Royal Caribbean

sandals resorts in Bahamas:

  • sandals Emerald Bay
  • sandals Royal Bahamian

sandals resorts in St. Lucia:

  • sandals Grand St. Lucian
  • sandals Regency La Toc
  • sandals Halcyon

Best Sandals Resorts

Each sandals resort in the Caribbean has its own specific merits and demerits, and some deeply impressive characteristics. The selection of best sandals resorts among these will be different for different persons depending upon some personal and specific requirements and factors. The most important distinguishing factors are Preferred Island, Travel time, Airfare, Purposes, Weather and Sea Water Category, Type and Standard of Accommodation and other auxiliary amenities, Hospitality Services, Water-Sports Facilities available, Entertainment facilities, and Costs of services.