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Skin Care

Skin is the most sensitive part of the body. We often make a mistake of treating it as a secondary part of the body. Skin makes you beautiful. If your skin is healthy you ought to look good. Skincare is just not putting a little facewash on your face. It needs inner care. Then only it will remain soft.

It is highly essential to take healthy meals and good food, drinking atleast 10 glasses of water in a day and to sleep well. Our skin should always be exposed to normal sunlight and fresh air. There are plenty of factors which can cause problems to your skin as for example: extreme weather conditions (excessive sunlight or cold weather may cause blemishes or skit cuts respectively), lack of drinking water (leads to dry skin), genetic factors (depends mainly on the parents’ skin type), pollution (involves too much of dust particles invading your skin pores and also giving birth to pimples), mental stress (as we all know body is the reflection of mind) and skin ageing (as you grow old, your skin tends to get dark circles, spots, wrinkles etc).

Tips for Natural Skin Care

Daily skincare should be taken for the aforementioned problems. The tips for a natural skin care are as follows:

Eating a burger or some deep fried potatoes will definitely not serve good to your skin. Eat healthy. It is the primary factor which will give your skin a natural glow. Eat atleast three proper meals every day. Try to have lot of salads, beans and legumes, spinaches, brown rice, proteins (preferably white meat), cauliflowers and all sorts of vegetables and fruits as much as you can. These kinds of food contain a lot of fibers which will keep your bowels clear…leading to less acne on your skin.

Apply oil on your body everyday. This is another tonic to keep your skin absolutely soft. Always remember it is very important to take care of your skin before going to sleep. Some of the home made skin recipes are: carrot masks, pineapple mixture, milk treatment, guava mix and many more.

Cleansing is mandatory for any kind of skin. If you do not remove your make up before going to bed, the chemicals will stick to your skin pores for which it will stop breathing. Your skin looks dull then.

It is very essential to sleep atleast for 8 hours a day. Have a good sleep at night. Sometimes we tend to be lazy and don’t take fresh bath. But this will definitely lead you to a sound sleep.

Skin Care Products

You can use several natural skin care products for cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin. Herbal extracts and antiseptic creams are good for most of the skin types. Remember that you should know your skin type very well before using the other skin care products. You can use several of them from the market but they may not suit you for your skin type and may cause problems.

Skin is important…Take care of it!