Come Home to Rejuvenation…Get Refreshed in a Spa!

After a long tiring day don’t you feel the necessity to refresh yourself? Of course you do. The only medicine to treat you best in this case is a spa. A softening hair spa or an ayurvedic medicinal spa or may be a facial spa can make you feel more youthful and rejuvenated. In a claustrophobic life that we lead nowadays spa treatment is mandatory to keep yourself healthy. Spas are best places to relax.

Types of Spas and their treatments:

There are various types of Spa treatments:

Destination Spas

These spas are also known as accommodation spas. They concentrate on providing proper fitness to your body and your mind specially focusing on the eating habits and complete rest. This definitely provides you an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself in a new way and takes you away from all kinds of stress.

Resort Spas

These are mainly relaxation spas. They come along with accommodation for the visitors in hotels to look after their comfort. These spas also give you different sort of cuisines. Most of the resort spa’s offer services like deep massage, stone massage, reflexology and most importantly the basic massages. Some of them offer acupuncture as well. Treating yourself like this will give you something above freshness. You will feel more energetic.

There are some relaxation spas which offer a day’s service. Generally in these types of spas people pamper themselves with manicure and pedicure as well as some simple facial massages.

Salon Spas

Another predominant type of spa treatment is Hair spa. It softens your hair like silk. When we go out our hair is exposed to rough weather conditions or sometimes we don’t wash our hair everyday. This results in accumulation of dust and infections on our scalp. A hair spa can treat all these. Most hair spas offers trimming, hair cut consultation, hair coloring and head massage.

Medical Spas

Medical spas mainly throw light on cosmetic treatments as for example laser resurfacing, botox injections etc. The services here are always supervised by licensed health care expert.

One of the most important treatments made in these spas are the anti-ageing ones. We generally tend to get dark circles, stretch marks etc. on our skins and bodies. This is where the medical spa treatments become mandatory. These treatments make you look younger.

Cosmetic treatments for the skin are also a contribution of the medical spas. Generally they are divided into two categories: invasive (involves dissection of skin tissues) and non invasive (treatment outside the skin).

Galvanic tissue treatments are also the predominant ones which involve deep cleansing methods removing the blackheads, whiteheads and the dark circles from your skin. It gives your skin a new glow.

Remember that these treatments make take several hours to perform.

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