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A very popular holiday Thanksgiving is mainly celebrated in Canada and US. However, now this occasion has transcended boundaries and has spread too many countries of the world. In United States of America, thanksgiving is mainly celebrated on fourth Thursday of November. This day is full of joy and is celebrated with much gratitude. Cooking turkey with variety of stuffing’s is famous on Thanksgiving.

Basically a harvest festival, the day of Thanksgiving is associated with fun, enthusiasm, exchange of gifts, feasting along with family and friends, praying, etc. God is thanked on this day for a good harvest and gratitude for this is expressed. The game of football is closely associated with this festival in America. Thanksgiving traditions are followed religiously with zeal in this country.

Shopping and eating out is also a highlight of this day. Restaurants come up with unique thanksgiving dinner ideas to attract customers on this day. Turkey with Thanksgiving stuffing is offered at home as well as restaurants.

The History of Thanksgiving

In the autumn of 1621, Native Americans and pilgrims celebrated harvest for the first time in Plymouth and thus the Thanksgiving Day came into existence. All people, rich and poor, celebrated this day for three days with fun and feasting. During those times it was not a holiday but just a gathering to express gratitude to the Almighty God. The tradition was continues to be followed in later years by some social leaders.

In the mid of 19th century, man states started observing Thanksgiving Day holiday. President of USA, Abraham Lincoln who was looking to unite the country gave his Thanksgiving Proclamation in the year 1863, thereby declaring November month’s last Thursday as the Thanksgiving Day.

Later Franklin D. Roosevelt changed the day of the celebration to third Thursday of November in order to extend the season of Christmas shopping. This step resulted into controversy and later the day was again decided to be the fourth Thursday of every November. Thanksgiving traditions have become popular all over the world and people celebrate this day with much gusto and enthusiasm.

During Thanksgiving Day, people used to feast a lot like cod, goose, duck, lobster, etc besides turkey. It is believed that turkey stuffing’s became popular after sometime as Queen Elizabeth received very happy news when she was eating goose which later on was replaced by Turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving Cards

Thanksgiving Day is a joyous day and is celebrated with lot of fun and feasting. On this day, people wish each other and exchange gifts. Thanksgiving Cards are the best way to express your feelings to the loved ones. The day is celebrated as a day of peace and to thank the blessings that have been received from the Almighty God. Thanksgiving Cards are the best way to say these things to your known, relatives, friends and family.

It is an emotional day for everyone, people staying away from their families travel to far way distances to meet their family and loved ones on this day.