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Theme Party

Theme Parties…Its Fun!

Who said that theme parties can only be enjoyed by children? The adults can also enjoy a theme party in a most beautiful way. Organizing a theme party involves a lot of amusement, entertainment and laughter. In order to make your theme party a great success you should follow several steps as for example: choose a proper date and time convenient for everybody; source the venue; choose a delicious menu for the party; picking up the right kind of costume exactly suited to the theme; perfect decoration of props to create the apt theme of the party; select a rocking music etc.

Theme Party Ideas

Some of the theme party ideas which you can use are:

Western Theme Party

Hay bales, jugs and old lanterns are the perfect elements for a western theme party. Wash tubs and kerosene can also be used as props for this party. Different games can be played surrounding a bellowing bonfire. It would be a unique way of socializing. Western songs, cowboy tunes etc can be some of the musical tunes which can be options to make this party entertaining.

Dinner Party

People from different communities and cultures can gather in a party. They will have to make different delicious cuisines of their respective cultures. At the end of the party whose cuisine will be the tastiest will be given a reward for that.


The themes of these parties are based on different decades. People enjoy a lot dressing like their college days or childhood as for example the bell-bottomed Levis trousers and jeans bring in the essence of 70’s, the jelly bracelets, mezpahs and punk wigs bring in the 80’s retro culture.

Magic Party

Magic parties do not mean that you will have to show some tricks. The theme can be effective enough to create the magic. You can wear the magic wand and the black hat. Learn some simple card tricks just to keep the essence. The theme décor should have some special effects, some black and red balloons as well as some glowing props.

Casino Party Theme

The main theme is gambling- either for fun or for prizes. Some of the popular games are poker and blackjack. Bingo and other simple card games are among the non-gambling type. Remember each guest should receive a dice, play money and some ships. Décor should be with red and black or dark colored balloons. To give it a dazzling nightlife, use some glow props.

Taste some wine

Each guest will have to bring there favourite wines in this party. Food may be very simple like some good appetizers and garlic bread & cheese. You can provide index cards to guests so that they can rate their favourite wines.

Safari Theme

Jungle parties are fun. You can let the kid’s design their own favourite animals mask. Give them plastic plates and let them colour it with sketch pens and pastels. After they finish drawing cut and tie these plates in the shapes of animal masks with a band. Use green balloons and mild plastic bushes as decors.

Apply these ideas and enjoy your theme party!