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Valentines week

Valentines week is around the corner. It is a special time of the year for exchanging heartfelt greetings of love and affection with each other. Valentines week 2015 is geared up with the very romantic rose day on February 7, Tuesday. Rose day is the most delightful and romantic days of the year when couples exchange red roses with each other expressing their love, joy of being together and affection towards each other. On this day, the market is flooded with numerous rose day gifts like rose shaped soft days, the different types of roses, and gift items like slam books, couple photo frames etc. Soon after rose day, the most awaited days of the valentines week ‘propose day’ is celebrated on February 8th with great pomp and show.

Long time couples hang over with each other and visit their favorite destinations to spend quality time with each other and celebrate their long time nurturing love with cake and lots of flowers whereas singles, ready to mingle propose their lady love asking her to trust his heart and get ready for the hand-in-hand life ahead. Third comes the most delightful and delicious chocolate day which is celebrated on February 9th. On this day, chocolates and flowers are exchanged among couples and loved ones wishing each other a very happy chocolate day.

It is essentially not important that the valentine’s week is only celebrated by the couples in love but the week is also special for everyone. It is not about being a couple but it is just about being in love whether it is parents, friends, sister, brother, grandfather or grandmother. The next teddy day on February 10th, promise day on February 11th, kiss day on February 12th and hug day on 12th Feb. are all romantically celebrated all across the world but the Valentines Day on 14th February is a day to celebrate love and only love between the couples.

Valentine's Day Week Dates

Valentines day week dates were earlier not known by everyone but with each having its own importance and symbolization, the valentines day week days became the specially awaited days of the year among the youngsters as well as adults. Valentines week 2015 is just on the list but do you really know the valentine week list. Here is a quick view of the valentine week schedule:

  • February 7: Rose Day
  • February 8: Propose
  • February 9: Chocolate
  • February 10: Teddy Day
  • February 11: Promise Day
  • February 12: Hug Day
  • February 13: Kiss Day
  • February 14: Valentine Day